Double Width Aluminium Movable Scaffolding:-

This widely demanded Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Ladder is highly reliable. We have a range of mobile scaffolding tower ladder. We ensure mobile aluminium scaffolding for sale in quality by checking the scaffolding in many parameters, setting the industry standards. Aluminium scaffolding access towers are quite different because it has a safe landing every 2 meters. Moreover, aluminium scaffolding provides the save walk at every stairway providing the aluminium steps with handrail protection on both sides.

Aluminium scaffolding tower ladder is also provided that contains anti-slip steps. Aluminium movable scaffold features provide easy access to the working area that is important for the operator to perform safe operations. This aluminium scaffolding ladder with handrails can be placed in both parallel and zig-zag positions. Furthermore, it is adjustable with the standard sizes. The uses of this aluminium scaffolding staircase tower involve the installation of equipment, usable at dry construction work, repairs, maintenance, inspection work for the ceiling, or long working hours.

Aluminium scaffolding access towers weight of the frames is kept light for better transportation, meanwhile, keeping the bonds strong through welding all joints carefully. Double width aluminium scaffolding tower load capacity will be 250KG (Approx.) per platform along with a safe working load. Also, it is available with different base widths and lengths and can be chosen according to the requirements.

The rungs of the frames are extrusion tubes that provide a good grip for climbing and restricting garbage to stick on the surface. The height of the aluminium scaffolding tower ladder  above 10 meter is secured with side support while the maximum height for mobile scaffold 18m. It also provides the option to alter the heights adding more platforms. Moreover, this aluminium movable scaffolding heavy-duty wheels for brake and release options.

Sendhamarai Engineering Pvt Ltd manufacturing Single width scaffolding and Double width scaffolding. According to the customers need, they can select the scaffolding model and scaffolding height. They can alter their scaffolding according to the current need because for every 2m one platform will be there. You can contact us on  1800 120 227447


The forklift truck is a powerful industrial truck used mainly for lifting heavy objects quickly and is a complete cargo that reduces manual lifting pain points. Forklift trucks are often powered by diesel, gasoline, electricity and propane. Deep cycle industrial quality batteries are used because they require constant power to operate properly, which can discharge up to 80% on a regular basis. Various industrial batteries ranging from size to density are used by forklift trucks.

The forklift industry relies on a variety of battery types for power. Each type is different from each other due to layout, layout, charging requirements and price codes. There are two main types of forklift batteries:

  • Lead acid
  • Lithium-ion

Lead Acid Forklift Batteries:-

The most common type of batteries used in the Forklift market are old school lead acid batteries. “Wet cell batteries” is another name for these batteries.

Components: The components of this type of battery are a battery case, cells, cable and a mixture of sulfuric acid and water.

Functions: This type of battery has two primary functions.Ther are the following

  • Providing a power source
  • Acts as the counterweight to lift the truck.

Lead Acid Battery Maintenance For Fork Lift:-

For high levels of performance, lead acid batteries require regular maintenance. Often, special electrical work is required by some charging systems to support voltage requirements. These types of Fork Lift batteries require regular watering to maintain electrolyte levels. Special watering systems are recommended to ensure the accuracy of the conditions. With proper care, most lead acid forklift batteries will sustain more than five years.

Benefits of Lead Acid Fork Lift Battery:-

  • The starting price of a lead acid battery is relatively low. They will sustain for a long time.
  • With more than 140 years of growth, they are still reliable.
  • This type of battery can be used in light or heavy duty application.

Dis Advantage of Lead Acid Fork Lift Battery :-

  • The main drawback of lead acid batteries is that they must be recharged up to 20% to fully charge.
  • The lead acid battery requires an equivalent charge every 5-10 cycles. Regular watering is another requirement.
  • When charging, at times, these batteries expose themselves to the risk of overheating.

Lithium-ion Fork Lift batteries:-

Industrialized in 1996, lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity in the global forklift market. Lithium ion batteries are found in most portable devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets. They can also be used to drive electric cars like the Tesla.

Components: Elements of lithium ion batteries — an anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte and positive and negative

Lithium-ion Battery Maintenance For Fork Lift:-

Lithium ion batteries are low maintenance, do not require watering and are less hazardous. Lithium ion batteries can be charged quickly and there is no risk of overcharging. These batteries are small in size and require an extra forklift counter weight in the battery box. Lithium ions can also be damaged at high temperatures.

Benefits of Lithium-ion Fork Lift Battery:-

  • Lithium ion is the most innovative battery option with no maintenance or watering requirements. This type of battery will sustain for more than 10 years.
  • High-speed charging allows the user to plug in the device at any interval and keep the battery running for up to 18 hours throughout the day, up to 20% off.
  • Lithium iron phosphate prevents the formation of heat during the chemical application of batteries and there is no risk of fire or explosion even in the most extreme conditions.
  • These standard batteries have no gas, venting or corrosion. In the absence of toxic or heavy metals, they are 100% decomposable.

Dis Advantage of Lithium-ion Fork Lift Battery :-

The only drawback is the high cost lithium ion batteries. In addition, they require small changes in some of the functions that charge more.


We promise you confidence in our products. Aluminium scaffolding is a construction that allows workers to use it in construction work in conjunction with residential or industrial construction. This helps to support comfortable work sites for workers who can reach heights of several meters. Aluminium scaffolding ladders are essential because even if a worker uses a tall tower or ladder, a tower will not provide the same stability and protection.

Construction always requires a good type of equipment, which helps to complete the work on time and safely, and one of the products is aluminium scaffolding, which greatly supports work and labour. There are many styles of products on the market for construction, however before exploitation.

Scaffolding with aluminium scaffolding towers such as single-width tower and double-width tower. There are various types of aluminium scaffolding such as aluminium scaffolding, stair aluminium double width mobile scaffolding, aluminium mobile scaffolding, stair mobile cantilever scaffolding, aluminium stair tower, aluminium scaffolding single width scaffolding and we use to provide with additional support  for double width.

 The single width aluminium tower is often very useful for stiffening and removing and carrying materials to various construction sites. It takes a minimum of 2 people to assemble and remove the tower. The single width aluminium scaffolding tower is very useful for small spaces and narrow paths. The width of the single-width aluminium tower is 0.80 m, which allows easy passage through the door without removing the entire tower. The double-width aluminium scaffolding tower is made of different ladder frames and span frames, which helps to reduce the risks. The weight of the frames is placed lightly for the most reliable transport, meanwhile, keeping the joints strong by precisely welding all the joints. The most common size double-tower used by all consumers. Double width allows 2-3 people to work on the work platform.

According to the customers need, they can select the scaffolding model and scaffolding height. They can alter their scaffolding according to the current need because for every 2m one platform will be there. You can contact us on  1800 120 227447

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer:-

Aluminium Scaffolding is characterized by the attributes such as robust construction, high strength, durability and portability. It is 100% safe and secure, 0% accident to prevent. The aluminium scaffolding can be produced with raw materials and assembled faster, rust proof and easy to maintain the labour-less oriented. Itis mainly used for construction to build commercial and residential establishments and it is widely demanded across the nation. Aluminium Scaffolding tower are mostly common size used by all the customers. The Aluminium scaffolding tower allows 2-3 people work on the working platform. The platform is secured with wind anchor. Folding timber toe board for quick & easy installation is available. Now a days aluminium scaffolding manufacturers are more in number, but we are the one  & only aluminium scaffolding manufacturer to make the scaffolding in  traditional manner.

Aluminium Scaffolding is widely used during construction and renovation activities.  In its simplest form, a aluminium scaffolding is any temporary elevated or suspended work surface used to support workers and/or materials. The footing of aluminium scaffolding must be sound and rigid, capable of supporting the weight. Aluminium Scaffolding must not be placed on unstable objects, such as bricks or blocks. Aluminium Scaffolding must be erected, dismantled, or moved only by properly trained workers under the supervision of a competent person. A competent person is one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions that are hazardous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.

Aluminium scaffolding is also known as Aluminium movable scaffolding, Aluminium movable scaffolding ladder, Aluminium movable scaffolding tower, Aluminium scaffolding tower, Aluminium scaffolding ladder, Aluminium scaffolding tower ladder,Aluminium single width scaffolding, Aluminium double width scaffolding, Aluminium single width scaffolding tower, Aluminium single width scaffolding ladder, Aluminium double width scaffolding tower, Aluminium double width scaffolding Ladder.

160D-7E Model Fork Lift for you:-


FLY WHEEL POWER (gross)161.8@2200
  • POWERFUL CUMMINS QSB 6.7 ENGINE WITH CONTROL MODES :-The 6-cylinder, 119 kW turbocharged engine not only delivers massive power, but also comes with smart features! The STD and Power modes facilitate low fuel consumption during light-duty operations and the ability to work on slopes during heavy-duty operations respectively. Also, the engine meets Tier-III and EU-stage IIIA emission regulations as well.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENGINE LOW – IDLE RPM :- While the engine runs, low idle RPM can be increased by 25 units to suit the operational or environmental requirements. When the engine restarts, the RPM goes back the previously saved settings.
  • FASTER TRAVEL SPEED & IMPROVED GRADEABILITY :- The machine’s powerful engine provides faster travel speed (32.2 kmph – 33.3 kmph) so you can complete work quickly. It’s improved gradeability (loaded: 17.43° – 24.42°) offers better convenience of uneven grounds.
  • FULLY-AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION :- Enables easy handling and smooth speed shifting. Moreover, the operator can select between two automatic modes (1st to 3rd, 2nd to 3rd) to suit their convenience.


  • CRUISE CONTROL FOR REDUCED FUEL CONSUMPTION :- With this feature turned on, the machine runs automatically at a fixed speed without any accelerator pedal input. It helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION SEAT & STEERING :- The super comfortable seat is specially designed with human engineering, which increases operator comfort and reduces fatigue. Even the height and angle of the steering can be adjusted to suit the operator’s preferences.
  • OPERATOR-FRIENDLY MONITOR PANEL :-The panel is designed keeping maximum ease-of-operation in mind. It shows key machine stats so that the operator faces zero hassles to check machine information.
  • ERGONOMIC PEDALS FOR OPERATOR COMFORT :- The placement of accelerator, brake and inching pedals is designed according to human engineering. It allows extremely convenient machine operation.


  • ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM  :- The hydraulic cooling fan maintains intake air temperature, transmission oil temperature, coolant temperature and hydraulic temperature and keeps the components in the best shape.
  • SMART OPERATOR PRESENCE SENSING SYSTEM (OPSS):- Until the operator is not properly seated in the cabin, the mast cannot be tilted, lifted or lowered, which adds an extra layer of safety by preventing any mishaps at work.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE MAST & CARRIAGE WITH SIDE ROLLER :- The carriage is built from high tensile structural steel, which offers excellent durability. Additionally, a side roller offers additional strength to the mast and carriage, thus increasing their life.
  • LONG – LASTING BRAKE SYSTEM :- The Wet Disc Brake System is enclosed, which protects it from damage due to dust and water.


  • AUTOMATIC CABIN TILTING SYSTEM FOR BETTER SERVICING:- This system makes servicing very quick and easy. An electrically assisted hydraulic-actuated cylinder tilts operator cabin about 54 degrees and provides easy access to truck components.
  • ELECTRICALLY MONITORED AIR FILTER FOR DETECTING BLOCKAGES :- The operator is automatically alerted when there are critical blockages in air filter. This allows for timely replacement before damage owing to the air cleaner sensors.
  • EASY ACCESS TO ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS :- Various electric parts, like fuses, are centrally located in the dashboard which helps for quick and easy maintenance.
  • MASTER SWITCH FOR POWER SAVING :- a master switch disconnects the battery to prevent excess electrical drainage.


The Genie S-80 J model has an unre­stricted platform capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) to get the job done with two occupants, plus tools, and a 6-ft (1.8 m) jib, leading length and capacity for low-weight booms in this height category. With a platform height of 80 ft (24.4 m) and horizontal reach of 55 ft (16.8 m), this new boom provides operators with access where it’s needed — at the top of the envelope. This new addition to the Genie essential performance boom line offers rental companies the opportunity to increase their rental return on invested capital (rROIC) by mixing their fleets with a variety of Genie booms, matching the right boom to the right application.

  • Suited for use in general construction, maintenance, inspection and painting tasks
  • Leading unrestricted platform capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) with 6-ft (1.8 m) jib
  • 80-ft (24.4 m) platform height and 55-ft (16.8 m) horizontal reach for access at the top of the envelope
  • High-ground clearance helps clear rocks, curbs, trailer break-overs and other daily obstacles
  • Maximum Working Height – 86ft 5 in | 26.4m
  • Maximum Horizontal Reach – 55ft | 16.8m
  • Platform Height – 80 ft 5 in | 24.51m
  • Lifting Capacity – 660 lb | 300 Kg
  • Machine width and Length – 8ft 2in – 33ft 11in | 2.49m -10.34m

jib Rotation Boom Lift For Rent And Sale:-

Boom Lift is compact for storage, light-weighted and easy to transport. The lift track width and height is adjustable. The jib rotation and basket rotation is around 180 degree. It can rotate 360°for both horizontal and vertical direction. So it can realize multipoint work in wide scope. It can be diesel or storage battery according to customer’s requirements. One person can drive and another person can operate the platform.Adopt structural steel with high quality for single-side welding and double-side moulding. Tilt alarm and motion sensors ensure operators are safe at all times.The Genie-made Boom Lift has four battery packs and they can be easily accessed for charging, servicing and replacing.    

Single control valves prevent the power failure. It contains pneumatic rubber tyres, solid rubber tyres or polyurethane tyres.  Made of high intensity manganese steel tubes are fully protected. It is characterized by great loading capacity. When the electricity is available it is used for indoor use and there is no noise and air pollution. Suppose when the electricity is not available it is used for outdoor use. The unit is designed with levelling stabilizer which includes two types of support; one is the height-adjusting bolts for levelling and the other is outriggers for preventing inclination.

This type of boom lift is used for flexible moving, smooth lifting, and big convenient operations.The voltage power is up to 415v. ThisBoom Lift contains working cage, articulated boom, chassis, outriggers, regulating wheel and controller. It can provide you convenience and efficiency for maintenance for aerial work, and it also moves a short distance. Boom rotation is 360°, so it can work across the barriers. It can move up the nearest floor and open the door when you meet an emergency. It is proportional control, speed regulation and superior operational performance. There are two control boards, one is on the work platform and the other one is chassis. Options and accessories are available. The levelling capacity is around 12 ½ degree.

There are three powers diesel power, battery power and 220/380v power.It can easily lift the person with the max capacity is 200kg.As per the confidential and highly secure lifts, applies the comprehensive technology such as magnet card, fingerprint and retina etc. to ensure the users security and let you work in comfort and safety.

Our Blue force( Scissor Lift) is ready for your orders:-

GS – 2046 E:-

The slab scissor lift operates quietly and with zero emissions and is ideal on construction, maintenance and installation tasks on firm surfaces, indoors and outdoors. The standard Genie AC electric E-Drive system offers unmatched efficiency and runtime on applications where a significant amount of lifting and driving is required.

  • Powerful AC electric drive motors for unmatched driving performance and industry-leading runtime per battery charge
  • Quiet, zero-emission electric operation
  • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius for easy positioning
  • 25% gradeability with 14° break over angle to easily get up slopes and loading ramps
  • Large platform workspace with 0.91 m (36 in) roll-out platform extension
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum working height is 26 ft | 8.10 m
  • Capacity is 1,200 lb | 544 Kg
  • Machine Width is 3 ft 10 in | 1.17 m
  • Machine Length is 7 ft 11 in | 2.41 m
  • Weight is 4,288 lb | 1,945 Kg

Built for the people who do the heavy lifting:-

A forklift is a powered truck that is designed to carry/ lift /stack materials. It’s a heavy duty vehicle equipped with forks at the front. It reduces workers pain, performing work fast and consuming less time. These trucks must only be operated by someone who has a license; that is, someone who is trained to control this equipment.


  • TOTAL WEIGHT – 4,179 Kg
  • LENGTH TO FORK FACE – 2,692 mm
  • OVER ALL WIDTH -1,230 mm
  • HEADGUARD HEIGHT – 2,180 mm
  • WHEEL BASE – 1,700 mm
  • TREAD-FRONT – 1,005 mm: REAR- 980 mm
  • LOAD CAPACITY – 3,300Kg
  • LOAD CENTER – 500mm
  • LIFTING SPEED-LOAD -480 mm/sec : UNLOAD-500 mm/sec
  • LOWERING SPEED- LOAD- 500 mm/sec : UNLOAD-450 mm/sec
  • L x W x T – 1050x122x45 (mm)
  • MAXIMUM GRADEABILITY (load) – 25.9 %
  • OUTSIDE TURNING RAD – 2,434 mm
  • Construction Sites: Industrial Forklifts serve as very useful equipment at the construction sites, as it can be used to carry hefty building materials over long distances, across the rough terrain. It merges and balances the functions of a lifting tool and a vehicle.
  • Warehouses: Forklifts are most often used in the warehouses. Forklifts are mainly used for loading and unloading trucks and for carrying goods. There are extensive ranges of forklifts available which include pedestrian operated machines to heavy duty driver operated trucks.
  • Recycling Operations: Forklifts are also used in recycling operations for unloading the recycling trucks or containers and transporting their contents to the sorting bays. Forklift trucks can efficiently load and unload straight trucks, tractor trailers, elevators and railway cars.
  • Dockyards: Forklift trucks have been used in stacking and unloading of ships and barges during world wars when the need arises for a quick and efficient way to load arms and supplies.
  • Transport: This might come as a surprise, but forklift trucks can be utilized to transport people. They’re used as a substitute tool to aerial lifts and cranes to hoist people to higher places, especially when these people need to perform a variety of tasks, such as: Inventory of stocks, Maintenance purposes, and cleaning inaccessible areas. When transporting people, however, there are very specific safety practices that you must always take into consideration.

Z33 /18 Electric Boom Lift:-

Drive through standard doorways, move around obstacles and access overhead work from aisles with the Genie Z-33/18 articulating electric boom lift. With a tight turning radius, turntable rotation and the Genie Fast Mast boom function, this lightweight, compact boom is well-suited for tasks on sensitive floors such as airports, shopping centers and theaters.

  • Driveable at full height for added productivity in high-rise spaces
  • 360° turntable rotation for precise positioning at height
  • Genie Fast Mast boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and to quickly return to work at height
  • Proportional controls for lift and drive functions
Max Working Height39 ft 4 in | 12 m
Max Horizontal Reach18 ft 3 in | 5.57m
Max Up and Over Clearance14 ft 1 in | 4.28 m
Platform Capacity440 lb | 200 Kg