160D-7E Model Fork Lift for you:-


FLY WHEEL POWER (gross)161.8@2200
  • POWERFUL CUMMINS QSB 6.7 ENGINE WITH CONTROL MODES :-The 6-cylinder, 119 kW turbocharged engine not only delivers massive power, but also comes with smart features! The STD and Power modes facilitate low fuel consumption during light-duty operations and the ability to work on slopes during heavy-duty operations respectively. Also, the engine meets Tier-III and EU-stage IIIA emission regulations as well.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENGINE LOW – IDLE RPM :- While the engine runs, low idle RPM can be increased by 25 units to suit the operational or environmental requirements. When the engine restarts, the RPM goes back the previously saved settings.
  • FASTER TRAVEL SPEED & IMPROVED GRADEABILITY :- The machine’s powerful engine provides faster travel speed (32.2 kmph – 33.3 kmph) so you can complete work quickly. It’s improved gradeability (loaded: 17.43° – 24.42°) offers better convenience of uneven grounds.
  • FULLY-AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION :- Enables easy handling and smooth speed shifting. Moreover, the operator can select between two automatic modes (1st to 3rd, 2nd to 3rd) to suit their convenience.


  • CRUISE CONTROL FOR REDUCED FUEL CONSUMPTION :- With this feature turned on, the machine runs automatically at a fixed speed without any accelerator pedal input. It helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION SEAT & STEERING :- The super comfortable seat is specially designed with human engineering, which increases operator comfort and reduces fatigue. Even the height and angle of the steering can be adjusted to suit the operator’s preferences.
  • OPERATOR-FRIENDLY MONITOR PANEL :-The panel is designed keeping maximum ease-of-operation in mind. It shows key machine stats so that the operator faces zero hassles to check machine information.
  • ERGONOMIC PEDALS FOR OPERATOR COMFORT :- The placement of accelerator, brake and inching pedals is designed according to human engineering. It allows extremely convenient machine operation.
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  • ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM  :- The hydraulic cooling fan maintains intake air temperature, transmission oil temperature, coolant temperature and hydraulic temperature and keeps the components in the best shape.
  • SMART OPERATOR PRESENCE SENSING SYSTEM (OPSS):- Until the operator is not properly seated in the cabin, the mast cannot be tilted, lifted or lowered, which adds an extra layer of safety by preventing any mishaps at work.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE MAST & CARRIAGE WITH SIDE ROLLER :- The carriage is built from high tensile structural steel, which offers excellent durability. Additionally, a side roller offers additional strength to the mast and carriage, thus increasing their life.
  • LONG – LASTING BRAKE SYSTEM :- The Wet Disc Brake System is enclosed, which protects it from damage due to dust and water.


  • AUTOMATIC CABIN TILTING SYSTEM FOR BETTER SERVICING:- This system makes servicing very quick and easy. An electrically assisted hydraulic-actuated cylinder tilts operator cabin about 54 degrees and provides easy access to truck components.
  • ELECTRICALLY MONITORED AIR FILTER FOR DETECTING BLOCKAGES :- The operator is automatically alerted when there are critical blockages in air filter. This allows for timely replacement before damage owing to the air cleaner sensors.
  • EASY ACCESS TO ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS :- Various electric parts, like fuses, are centrally located in the dashboard which helps for quick and easy maintenance.
  • MASTER SWITCH FOR POWER SAVING :- a master switch disconnects the battery to prevent excess electrical drainage.

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