Aerial work platform practical for coming in close or for overhanging work

A telescopic boom lift is a forklift with superpowers. If you cross bred a small crane, with a forklift, you would get a telescopic boom lift. These machines look a lot like a forklift, but they have booms attached to them that can extend out and up.

Their long reach and speed make them the perfect tool for shipyards, construction, demolition and maintenance sites, or for putting the finishing touches to works of art. Certain models of this aerial work platform have a jib arm which is practical for coming in close or for overhanging work.

Full proportional controls and simultaneous boom lift functions Continuous 360° turntable rotation Outstanding rough terrain driving features Outstanding rough terrain driving features: 4 wheel/2 Wheel drive and steer Fully modular basket quick and easy to repair Easy access to all components Best safety feeling Smooth and precise controls Strong, quick and manoeuvrable boom.

Our telescopic boom lifts reach out further with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible.

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