Aluminium Movable Scaffolding’s:-

Access equipment should be robust for the benefit of the workers and should be portable around the site for easy handling. You need a lightweight solution that can be set up quickly and adhered to for safety, while at the same time providing a way for users to complete the task at hand more efficiently.

Suitable for all industries, our range of mobile aluminium scaffold solutions and work platforms are the premium choice for Australian trades for working at height. These reliable and durable systems have been designed to provide you with maximum safety when working indoors or outdoors. And our range of complementary Platform ladders and edge protection systems ensure that you are provided with the complete height access solution for your site.

  • Aluminium Scaffold towers are widely used scaffolds and provide a safe means to work at height.
  • These towers have a smooth rolling, locking, guard rails and locking mechanism for all the moving parts.
  • These towers can easily be erected and dismantled.
  • Access tower system featuring easy climb frame rungs spacing
  • Providing Two frame widths & Single width
  • Safe working load of 250 kgs
  • Toe board system provided
  • Special spigots for easy assembly/dismanting
  • Castor wheels
  • Slip resistant platform Length 2000mm
  • Four stabilizers are further connected to the unit: spring loaded clamp assembly connects them to the “H frames to give a better stability required for the structure.
  • The wheel and brake unit consists of adjustable & placed on thrust bearing to take axial thrust. The wheel has been fitted with radial bearing. When the mounting surface is uneven the adjustable nut is used for the alignment. The lever is provided to release or apply brakes
  • The Aluminium scaffolding platform is made up of rectangular sections framed. The platform could be placed on the frames depending on working height as per requirement.

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