Best Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers in Chennai

Aluminium Scaffolding Tower is the combination of ladder and work platform. Unlike ladder Scaffolding permits any person or persons to carry out overhead works of all natures in Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Interior Decoration erection and routine maintenance of Plant & Machinery. Scaffoldings are manufactured in various designs to suit required heights and platforms measuring from 700 X 600 mm (Single Person), 700 X 1000, 700 X 2000 mm, 1400 X 2000 mm (more than one person).

The Scaffolding components are basically Head Aluminium Alloy Frames are connected with quick release snap braces horizontally and diagonally to give required strength and stability. Scaffolding are manufactured in 1.5 M, 3M, 6M, 8M, 12M & 18M heights.

Sendhamarai Engineering offers Aluminium Scaffolding mobile tower is one of the main products and leading manufacturing company in India. The Aluminium Scaffolding is dedicated to providing valuable plus reliable products to our customers as well as we don’t compromise when it comes to the safety and durability of the product.
Our product is well based because we are using pure and strong Aluminum for scaffolding manufacturer. We attached a climbing in our aluminium scaffolding tower to make it easy and comfortable for workers to work on Sendhamarai Engineering the heights. Foldable with ladder make scaffolding tower easy to assembling and dismantling. Because it can use in small places as well.


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