Before selecting the scissor Lift, site assessment is important like Matching the height, dimensions and other specifications of a scissor lift to the job and environment is not only a matter of logistics, but also efficiency and most importantly, safety. The first step in getting a scissor lift in to do the job is to assess the site and goals, which will involve the following:

  • Environment – Will the lift operate indoors or outdoors?
  • Emissions – What is the tolerance for emissions in the work area?
  • Terrain – What is the terrain like where it will operate?
  • Work Heights – What are the minimum and maximum work heights it will need to reach?
  • Temperature – Will its environment be temperature controlled/is weather a factor?
  • Use Frequency – How often will it run, for example continuously or occasionally?
  • Load Weight – How heavy of a load will it need to lift?
  • Clearance – What is the clearance in the aisles or other workspaces where the scissor lift will operate?
  • Travel Distance – How far or how much will the unit need to travel in a day?
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