Now a day’s electric scissor lift is usually powered by lead-acid batteries, which have several lead plates in the acid bath. This technology has been the choice for batteries for over 150 years. But following in the footsteps of electric vehicles, including golf carts and cars, the scissor lift has now begun to follow lithium-ion battery technology.

In the 1980s, lithium ion technology became popular among consumers for its ability to efficiently operate small electronics such as cell phones, laptops and cordless devices. Equipped with Li-ion technology, these batteries provide power and charge using the exchange of lithium ions.

Today’s lithium ion technology for Scissor Lift has evolved to power and charge small objects in those early days, and with new formulas it now offers more robust energy and charge, enabling manufacturers to use it for small and medium-sized construction equipment. Such as scissors lift. For example, the lithium ion battery option for the Genie-1930 (North American model) and GS-1932 (EMEAAR model) scissor lifts is made of a lithium-iron phosphate compound (commonly referred to as LFP) which is a proven battery chemistry. Ideal for required rental applications and required performance in workplace environments.

To further enhance the performance of the new Genie lithium ion battery, we have incorporated battery heaters in the design of this new option to provide reliable and uniform operation at temperatures up to -20 ° F (-29 C).

All of these engineering advances in lithium ion battery technology translate into significant advantages of this technology when used in scissor lifts compared to traditional lead-acid battery options, including significant reduction in total franchise cost and improved emission workplace performance. For example, battery maintenance and irrigation are eliminated by comparison with lead-acid batteries – saving time and money.

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In addition to requiring minimal maintenance, Genie lithium ion battery packs reduce the frequency of battery changes over the life of slab scissors, thanks to their longevity properties. Developed to meet customer demand for innovative new equipment, the new Genie Lithium Ion Battery Technology solution offers quick, efficient charging and long battery life, making Genie GS scissor lifts an environmentally friendly option.

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