Battery Fork Lift:-

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift, Tow Pull and Push materials over short distances. They are basically classified with rated for loads as per their individual carrying capacity. The capacity may vary depending on their source of Energy and built design. There are three variants in specific Battery, LPG and Diesel.

Battery Forklift :- The most renowned model for environment friendly application is Battery operated Forklifts. We dealing with Industries best 5Ton Battery operated Forklift which very manufacturers have. We also have economic version and Pro models in the same variants.
LPG :- Need a Low emission and Powerful machine? Then LPG is the model you are looking for. With LPG the machine manages to give high energy with Low emission. If a machine has to work 24/7 with low emission standards then the machine is rightful.
Diesel :- Most economic and cheapest version of Forklift where, round the clock work is possible. Forklift variant up to 16Ton is possible.

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