Double Width Aluminium Movable Scaffolding:-

This widely demanded Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Ladder is highly reliable. We have a range of mobile scaffolding tower ladder. We ensure mobile aluminium scaffolding for sale in quality by checking the scaffolding in many parameters, setting the industry standards. Aluminium scaffolding access towers are quite different because it has a safe landing every 2 meters. Moreover, aluminium scaffolding provides the save walk at every stairway providing the aluminium steps with handrail protection on both sides.

Aluminium scaffolding tower ladder is also provided that contains anti-slip steps. Aluminium movable scaffold features provide easy access to the working area that is important for the operator to perform safe operations. This aluminium scaffolding ladder with handrails can be placed in both parallel and zig-zag positions. Furthermore, it is adjustable with the standard sizes. The uses of this aluminium scaffolding staircase tower involve the installation of equipment, usable at dry construction work, repairs, maintenance, inspection work for the ceiling, or long working hours.

Aluminium scaffolding access towers weight of the frames is kept light for better transportation, meanwhile, keeping the bonds strong through welding all joints carefully. Double width aluminium scaffolding tower load capacity will be 250KG (Approx.) per platform along with a safe working load. Also, it is available with different base widths and lengths and can be chosen according to the requirements.

The rungs of the frames are extrusion tubes that provide a good grip for climbing and restricting garbage to stick on the surface. The height of the aluminium scaffolding tower ladder  above 10 meter is secured with side support while the maximum height for mobile scaffold 18m. It also provides the option to alter the heights adding more platforms. Moreover, this aluminium movable scaffolding heavy-duty wheels for brake and release options.

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Sendhamarai Engineering Pvt Ltd manufacturing Single width scaffolding and Double width scaffolding. According to the customers need, they can select the scaffolding model and scaffolding height. They can alter their scaffolding according to the current need because for every 2m one platform will be there. You can contact us on  1800 120 227447

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