Electric Threading Machine SUPERTRONIC® 2000

Electric Pipe Grooving Machine Manufacturers

Power threader Ø 1/4 – 2” For quick and effortless production of precise and reliable thread connections to approved standards.

For threading of BSPT right, BSPT left: Ø 1/4 – 2”
NPT: Ø 1/4 – 2”

High reduction gears with spur wheel teeth, induction
tempered, 7 parallel gear shafts, each ball bearing mounted
High, consistent power transmission when fully loaded

Strong 1010 W motor, double insulated with VDE and CEE,
interference free for reliable long-term use

Threading speed:
15 – 25 min-1, rapid reverse 60 min-1
(4 x faster reverse with reverse drive)
Maintenance friendly with continuous lubrication

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