Featuristic Fork Lift’s overview:-

MAST: The vertical assembly that does the work of raising and lowering the load. The mast is driven hydraulically and operated by one or more hydraulic cylinders directly or using chains from the cylinder.

OVER HEAD GUARD: A metal roof supported by posts at each corner of the cab that helps protect the operator from any falling objects. On some fork lifts, the overhead guard is an integrated part of the frame assembly.

LIFT/TILT CYLINDER: Hydraulic cylinders that are mounted to the truck frame and the mast. The tilt cylinders pivot the mast backward or forward to assist in engaging a load.

LOAD BACKREST: A rack-like extension that is either bolted or welded to the carriage in order to prevent the load from shifting backward when the carriage is lifted to full height.

FORKS: Two cantilever arms that carry the load.

COUNTER WEIGHT: A mass attached to the rear of the fork lift truck frame. The purpose of the counter weight is to counter balance the load being lifted. In the electric forklift the large lead-acid battery itself may serve as part of the counter weight.

ENGINE/BATTERY COMPARTMENT: May consist of an internal combustion engine that can be powered by LP, gas, CNG, gasoline or diesel fuel. Electric fork Lifts are powered by either a battery or fuel cells that provides power to the electric motors.

CAB: The area that contains a seat for the operator along with the control pedals, steering wheel, levers, switches operator readouts. The cab area may be open air or enclosed but it is covered by the cage-like overhead guard assembly. Periodic Maintenance for Filters, Elements, PCV Valves, Cartridges should be done without fail.

  • Hydraulic are Seal Kits, Hoses and Fittings
  • FRONT END EQUIPMENTS are Load Rollers, Chain/Anchors and Bearings Chain sheaves
  • FRAME & BODY consist of Seats, Latches, Mirrors and Isolators
  • TUNE-UP will be Distributors, Coils, Wire Sets and Spark Plugs
  • ELECTRICALLY operated Solenoids, Alternators, Voltage Regulators, Starters will placed next to Steering
  • COOLING SYSTEM are Hoses, V-Belts, Radiator Caps and Water pump kits
  • FUEL SYSTEM have Lock-off Valves, Repairs kits, LPG Converters and Lift Pumps
  • STEERING has Seal Kits, Bearings, King Pin Kits and Tie Rod Ends
  • BRAKES have Master Cylinders, Brake Shoes and Wheel Cylinders
  • DRIVE TRAIN has Bearings, Oil Seals, Repair kits and Gasket Kits

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