The forklift truck is a powerful industrial truck used mainly for lifting heavy objects quickly and is a complete cargo that reduces manual lifting pain points. Forklift trucks are often powered by diesel, gasoline, electricity and propane. Deep cycle industrial quality batteries are used because they require constant power to operate properly, which can discharge up to 80% on a regular basis. Various industrial batteries ranging from size to density are used by forklift trucks.

The forklift industry relies on a variety of battery types for power. Each type is different from each other due to layout, layout, charging requirements and price codes. There are two main types of forklift batteries:

  • Lead acid
  • Lithium-ion

Lead Acid Forklift Batteries:-

The most common type of batteries used in the Forklift market are old school lead acid batteries. “Wet cell batteries” is another name for these batteries.

Components: The components of this type of battery are a battery case, cells, cable and a mixture of sulfuric acid and water.

Functions: This type of battery has two primary functions.Ther are the following

  • Providing a power source
  • Acts as the counterweight to lift the truck.

Lead Acid Battery Maintenance For Fork Lift:-

For high levels of performance, lead acid batteries require regular maintenance. Often, special electrical work is required by some charging systems to support voltage requirements. These types of Fork Lift batteries require regular watering to maintain electrolyte levels. Special watering systems are recommended to ensure the accuracy of the conditions. With proper care, most lead acid forklift batteries will sustain more than five years.

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Benefits of Lead Acid Fork Lift Battery:-

  • The starting price of a lead acid battery is relatively low. They will sustain for a long time.
  • With more than 140 years of growth, they are still reliable.
  • This type of battery can be used in light or heavy duty application.

Dis Advantage of Lead Acid Fork Lift Battery :-

  • The main drawback of lead acid batteries is that they must be recharged up to 20% to fully charge.
  • The lead acid battery requires an equivalent charge every 5-10 cycles. Regular watering is another requirement.
  • When charging, at times, these batteries expose themselves to the risk of overheating.

Lithium-ion Fork Lift batteries:-

Industrialized in 1996, lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity in the global forklift market. Lithium ion batteries are found in most portable devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets. They can also be used to drive electric cars like the Tesla.

Components: Elements of lithium ion batteries — an anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte and positive and negative

Lithium-ion Battery Maintenance For Fork Lift:-

Lithium ion batteries are low maintenance, do not require watering and are less hazardous. Lithium ion batteries can be charged quickly and there is no risk of overcharging. These batteries are small in size and require an extra forklift counter weight in the battery box. Lithium ions can also be damaged at high temperatures.

Benefits of Lithium-ion Fork Lift Battery:-

  • Lithium ion is the most innovative battery option with no maintenance or watering requirements. This type of battery will sustain for more than 10 years.
  • High-speed charging allows the user to plug in the device at any interval and keep the battery running for up to 18 hours throughout the day, up to 20% off.
  • Lithium iron phosphate prevents the formation of heat during the chemical application of batteries and there is no risk of fire or explosion even in the most extreme conditions.
  • These standard batteries have no gas, venting or corrosion. In the absence of toxic or heavy metals, they are 100% decomposable.
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Dis Advantage of Lithium-ion Fork Lift Battery :-

The only drawback is the high cost lithium ion batteries. In addition, they require small changes in some of the functions that charge more.

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