How To Sprinklers Work In Fire Emergency

Fire Sprinkler Working Condition

A fire Sprinkler system is a network of fixed water pipes supplied by two water sources with sprinkler heads mounted at the recommended distance. Water can be distributed from a tank through pumps or through down mains.

The nozzles that direct a jet of water on to a deflector plate which defuses over a large area. The water is held back by a glass bulb or soldered strut which holds a plug in place. When heat is applied from a fire below, the glass bulb will burst, due to expansion of the liquid in the bulb, or the solder will melt, which then releases the plug and water flows through the sprinkler head.

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The hot gases from the fire will raise the temperature at the ceiling level and when the area adjacent to the head reaches a certain temperature, the fire sprinkler head will activate and spray water on the fire. Only the sprinkler on top of the fire will open and the others will be closed. This controls damage to non-fire areas and reduces the amount of water needed.

The different types of fire sprinkler system

  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems
  • Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems
  • Deluge systems fire sprinkler
  • Pre-action systems
  • Foam water fire sprinkler systems
  • Water spray fire sprinkler systems
  • Water mist fire sprinkler systems

Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems

Wet pipe sprinkler systems—or traditional fire sprinklers—are the most common across residential and commercial buildings. When a fire begins, the heat activates the nearest sprinkler head, releasing pressurized water stored in the pipes. Each sprinkler head is activated independently, reducing water damages in the event of a false alarm. Wet pipe systems are an inexpensive, low-maintenance option appropriate for offices, schools, and commercial properties.

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Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems

As opposed to wet pipe fire sprinkler systems, dry pipe systems do not store water in their pipes. Instead, they are filled with pressurised air or nitrogen, which is released if a fire activates the valves in the fire sprinkler head. The pipes then fill with water and discharge it over the smoke or flames. While this system is more complex and costly than a wet pipe system, it is the most appropriate for cold climates where there is a high risk of frozen pipes halting an emergency fire response.

How to Action of Fire Sprinklers in Fire indicates.

Fire water sprinkler system is an automatic device that not only indicates the incipient fire, but as an active fire protection means, it extinguishes fire in its early stage without the intervention of human factor, respectively it keeps fire under control until the fire brigade arrives. It consists of distribution piping system that is permanently attached to building structures, valve station and sprinkler heads that are firmly attached to the distribution pipes in the protected area. Pipeline network together with Fire sprinkler heads are connected to a water source. In the case of fire, water flows out from the sprinkler heads and sprays the area where fire is present. Water extinguishes the given area during fire, cools building structures and the surrounding area and at higher temperatures it evaporates quickly, displacing oxygen and thus creates an inert atmosphere, which prevents the access of oxidant, i.e. the atmospheric oxygen that is needed for combustion.


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Fire Sprinklers -Commercial & Residential Fire Sprinkler Products |Victaulic

Sprinklers are designed in such a way that it can extinguish particular fire in certain minutes. There are different types of sprinklers for different hazard fires. Actually a fire protection system like sprinkler system is designed in such a way that fire pump can carter water for sprinklers+ adjacent hydrant points simultaneously. But the fact is each fire is different from rest. So we can’t give 100% guarantee that sprinkler will be able to protect completely.

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