Jacket Pipe Cutter

For cutting of grooved plastic protective pipe
(corrugated hose) up to 32 mm
 Ideal tool for the removal of the protective hose on pipes
 Very robust and can be used everywhere
 Simple and precise use
 Saves huge amounts of time in comparison to conventional
use of a blade
Model mm No.
Jacket pipe cutter 0-32 mm 21500
Spare blade ROCUT PPD 21505
No. 070031D
Model mm inch depth No.
TC 67 PL 6 – 67 1/4 – 2.5/8” 7.0 0.7 1 70031
TC 125 PL 50 – 125 2 – 5” 13.0 1.6 1 70032
TC 168 PL 110 – 168 4 – 6.5/8” 16.0 1.7 1 70033
Counter display TC 67 PL 1 (4) 070031D
No. 70033
Removable internal
pipe deburrer
Cutting Wheels, Spare Parts 17

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