Sendhamarai Engineering deals with different types of Aluminium Scaffolding according to our customers need.

Cantilever Scaffolding – It comprises cantilever, standards, putlogs, struts and plate forms. A cantilever scaffold is used above the ground level. In Cantilever  scaffolding  length and width of scaffolding is not normal like other scaffolding because all are customized according to the customers requirement

Aluminium Single Width Scaffolding – It comprises standards, Toe Board, braces, ledgers and putlogs. Often they are used for ordinary buildings. Single width aluminium scaffolding are very useful for narrow and crooked site high works. Commonly they use normal ladders for this place which is not safe because in ladders persons cannot work comfortably so the work will be extend for some other times also but in case of scaffolding the can work comfortably and finish the work before the calculated time. 

Aluminium Double Width Scaffolding – It comprises two rows of standards, Toe Board, braces and ladders & it’s mainly used for higher-up works. Double width aluminium scaffolding has width of 1.4 Mtr and 2.0 Mtr so that persons can stand freely and work leniently.  If the aluminium scaffolding height excites 15 Mtr we are providing 2Mtr width aluminium scaffolding due to safety purpose.

See More  Model No: SEPL - 5400/NAWA/300

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