Working at height has some risks. Inappropriate erection and misuse of Aluminium scaffold towers are the cause of avoidable accidents in the work place. If a scaffold tower isn’t properly assembled, the chances of accidents occurring are increased. Risks from work at height need to be assessed and the appropriate equipment should be selected. An in-depth risk assessment for use of a scaffold tower in your work environment must be carried out before assembling and using the equipment.   

  • Working at height tasks should be properly planned and organised   
  • Ensure those involved are competent    
  • If using outdoors check the strength and firmness of the ground    
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions  
  • When it comes to access equipment, aluminium is the most widely used material in the trades industry. Aluminium scaffold towers are treated to resist rust and corrosion, this improves the durability of the equipment, the safety of the scaffold tower and has the added benefit of the equipment being virtually maintenance free. Aluminium scaffold towers are versatile and durable, and their resistance to varying weather conditions make it an ideal product for outdoor use. 
  • Due to its lightweight properties, aluminium access equipment is easier to set up, take down and transport compared to similar fibreglass or steel designs.
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