Our Special make Aluminium Scaffolding Model No: 5250

The single-width tower aluminium scaffolding is best used where space is restricted. Actually this model is a Small scaffolding where the working load of a tower is allowed to be up to 225 kg. The body of the single-width scaffolding tower of scaffolding is rigid, the alloy scaffolding tower is of high quality and a caster wheel with dual braking system. In this aluminum scaffolding tower, Stair way also fixed according to the customers convenience . This model is having only one height, that is a standard one which cannot be altered . Mobile aluminium scaffolding makes scaffolding easy to assemble and disassemble.

The aluminium scaffolding tower is always lightweight and safe. A frame ladder of  rang aluminum is provided as per the requirement of the customers. The best thing about these mobile aluminum tower scaffolds is that they are maintenance free and have extra stable safety rails for greater stability and safety. The aluminum mobile tower is corrosion resistant, which adds rigidity and durability. The use of portable scaffolding ladder is completely different as it is used in different projects. The portable aluminum scaffolding design of these aluminium scaffolds is very simple and easy to use.

  • 100% safe
  • Non-sparking
  • Tools free erection
  • Easy to use, maintain, store and transport Designed for rugged professional use

This Aluminium scaffolding is very standard one with Width of 0.8 Mtr and Length of 2Mtr Special thing is the Height of  3.6 Mtr .This is the only model with stairway  for single  width scaffolding.  It is usually used for interior works, erection works and MEP works etc. Easy to store and transport , it won’t take more space for storage . Very easy to assemble and dis mantle.

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