Perfect to work in congested areas :-

Sendhamarai Engineering offers the best boom lifts in the industry. We offer Genie products on rental and purchase basis. We have both Articulated Boom Lift and Telescope Boom Lift, where the Articulated Boom Lift reaches working height and distance with total flexibility for the customer where no other machine can replace it. Boom lifts are used in many places where the work area cannot be directly accessed due to other things or public interference. By using articulated boom lift workers can do their work safely at a specific location without any distraction or stress. Sendhamarai Engineering provides certified operators and new machinery for hire purpose.

The Genie electric articulating boom lifts offer quiet, emission-free operation in the most sensitive work environments.

  • Perfect to work in congested areas with 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m) wide chassis and 2 ft. 8 in. (87 cm) turning radius
  • Proportional lift and drive controls for precise adjustments in tight areas
  • 30% gradeability drive performance and 4.0 mph travel speed
  • 34 V three-phase AC drive system contains fewer parts and simplifies maintenance

Boom Lift Drive Enable:-  Light on Boom Lift indicates that the boom has moved just past either non-steer wheel and the drive function has been interrupted. To drive, hold the drive enable switch to either side and slowly move the drive control handle off centre. Use the color-coded direction arrows on the platform controls and the drive chassis to identify the
direction the machine will travel.

Machine Not Level Light Flashing: The tilt alarm sounds when the platform is raised, the Not Level indicator light will come on and the drive function in one or both directions will not operate. Follow the correct boom lowering sequence below based on the platform position. Do not rotate the boom while lowering

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Boom Lift Platform Overload:- Light flashing of Boom Lift indicates the platform is overloaded and no functions will operate. Remove weight from the platform until the light goes off.

Boom Lift Machine Weight – The weight of the Boom Lift machine, excluding the rated load.
Note: Weights listed on machine serial plates are based on specific machine configurations. They may differ from the weights listed in this manual.

Rated Load – The maximum platform capacity rating.

Occupied Floor Area – The projected contact area of the footprint of the machine in the stowed position, calculated as the projected chassis length times the projected chassis width.

Occupied Floor Pressure – The average pressure that the entire machine exerts on the floor while the machine is in the stowed position and supporting its rated load.

Maximum Tire/Outrigger Load – The maximum load that can be supported by any one tire or outrigger pad while the machine is in its working configuration and supporting its rated load.

Maximum Tire/Outrigger Contact Pressure – The maximum pressure that any one tire exerts on the floor while the machine is in the stowed position and supporting its rated load.

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