Telescopic Boom Lift is commonly known as Straight  / Stick Boom Lift. Actually  more height can be reached in Telescopic Boom Lift only. Aerial work platform with boom will extend telescopically. These Telescopic boom lifts have two large conjoined segments of which, one remains constant and the other can be adjusted upwards and outward.

Telescopic boom Lift offer extended outreach than any other aerial platforms, making it ideal for areas with limited access in construction, industrial, entertainment, road building, Exterior works of the building, Cleaning, etc. A telescopic Boom Lift is available for sales and rental. In Sales, we have battery operated and diesel operated machine .In case of rental we have diesel operated machine only.

  • With impressive heights, the telescopic boom lift is ideal for large areas that require precise movement.
  • Telescopic Boom Lift  provide access to work from a distance, they expand rapidly and can access areas blocked by rough terrain or where elevators cannot go. Also, the rugged terrain telescope comes with outriggers that ensure stability and safety of the site when working at height.
  • Although these Telescopic Boom Lift  are available on both electric and diesel-powered engines, they typically run on fuel, making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects.
  • Telescopic boom lifts are a great choice for projects such as roofing, bridge repairing, painting and road construction or repair, as these tasks must be completed within a specified time frame.
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