Safe Working Load is a term that applies not just to Aluminium movable scaffolding but to many construction industries and equipment’s. The safe weight-bearing capacity of the equipment, combining both the equipment itself and the weight of workers and materials. Exceeding such limits can create hazardous workplaces, so SWL should be understood before work begins.

When considering how to calculate the required safe working load of Aluminium Movable scaffolding, there are six main variables – dead load, live load, static load, dynamic load, wind load, environmental load

  • Dead load is the weight of Aluminium movable scaffolding tower and its components before it is loaded
  • Live load is the weight of equipment and worker on the Aluminium movable scaffolding Ladder (per bay)
  • Static load is load that doesn’t move
  • Dynamic load is the load/force made by a moving load, on a structure or component
  • Wind load is the additional load against the scaffold created by the force of wind on a structure
  • Environmental load is the weight of environmental factors such as debris, water, snow and dust that may be on the scaffolding

With all factors considered, Aluminium movable scaffolding is erected and certified to a particular load capacity adequate for the project to be carried out safely. It is also paramount that the client and their personnel abide by these load limits to avoid catastrophic failure, leading to possible injury or death.

Safety is always our priority at Sendhamarai Scaffolding. We are licensed, code-compliant, and 100% committed to ensuring that every workplace is free of hazards. It should be noted that the purpose of this blog is to provide an understanding of the methods used to calculate safe working loads. our extensive experience guarantees that we have the knowledge to complete any job safely.

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