SAFETY is the most common word which we are hearing often now a days. What ever we do- safety is the first thing, in that category our Sprinklers plays vital role. There are different types of Sprinklers. Among all types of fire sprinkler heads, there can be differences depending on the situation. Most often these differences exist to meet the fire protection needs of different buildings, industries, and situations – but aesthetic choices also exist.

  • Temperature sensitivity –
    one of the most critical differences. Any type of sprinkler head can be set to a different heat sensitivity (and therefore when it will trigger) by adjusting the activator, either a liquid filled glass tube or fusible metal link.
  • Finish –
    corrosion-resistance is a common finish that may not be necessary for all fire sprinkler systems. Chemical coatings are used, as well as simple solutions like wax applications. Different aesthetic finishes also exist to maintain the look of your building.
  • Response time –
    quick response fire sprinklers utilize the same temperature sensitive activator, but in a thinner glass bulb. This means the fire sprinkler is ‘set’ to a temperature, but reacts more quickly when that temperature is reached. Commonly used in high-occupancy structures to better protect people, where even a few seconds make a difference.
  • Production & Aesthetics –
    new advancements in fire sprinkler look & feel are being made constantly to provide the same protection & safety in a more attractive or discreet package. Die-cast (as opposed to sand-cast) sprinklers have a more polished look, and slimmer/smaller sprinkler heads are available – with a large variety of covers & housings.
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Sprinkler’s Head:-

You shouldn’t be selecting fire sprinkler heads, or designing fire sprinkler systems, without the proper design expertise – but it helps to know the basics so you are aware of your options. The right fire sprinkler designer, like RCI Fire Phoenix, will manage the design so all regulations are met, while involving you and your team when choosing between aesthetic options – like sprinkler heads.

With any fire sprinkler system, or any fire protection component, the first priority is safety and ensuring your building is up-to-code. An expert fire protection designer with the proper training will identify the needs of your particular situation and work together with any other contractors, designers, or architects to best match your building’s design while protecting it from fire damage.

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