Sendhamarai Engineering Pvt Ltd HOLE CUTTING DRILL Authorised Dealer in Chennai Ahmedabad Pune Hyderabad Bangalore India

Hole Cutting Tool is intended to slice takes cover to 3″ (76 mm) breadth into steel pipe. The numerous gap estimate permits the utilization of fittings, for example, Mechanical T®, Vic-O-Let™, Weld-O-Let™ and others for fanning pressurized pipelines. A solitary sustain handle and ON/OFF switch takes into consideration simple operation. The Model HC300 offers extraordinary highlights that convert into unparalleled field and shop execution.

  • Quick Connecting Two-piece Design – This unique design allows for easy mounting, transport and set up. This is particularly useful when working off a ladder or overhead.
  • Single-Hand Chain Latching – The Model HC300 features a patented spring-loaded chain that saves time and significantly aids set up and operation.
  • Ergonomic Design – With all controls at the operator’s fingertips, the tool has been designed for maximum productivity.
  • High Speed – With a powerful 1.2 HP, 11 Amp motor, the Model HC300 delivers 360 RPM to quickly bore holes while optimizing hole saw life.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Flats – Ensures perpendicular cutting.

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