The single width aluminium tower is often very effective for stiffness and removal and for carrying materials to various construction sites. It takes a minimum of 2 people to assemble and remove the tower. The single width aluminium scaffolding tower is very useful for small spaces and narrow paths. The width of the single-width aluminium tower is 0.80 m, which allows it to be easily passed through the door without removing the entire tower. The double-width aluminium scaffolding tower is made of different ladder frames and span frames, which helps to reduce the risks. The weight of the frames is placed lightly for the most reliable transport, meanwhile, keeping the joints strong by precisely welding all the joints. The most common size used by all consumers is the double-width tower. The double width allows 2-3 people to work on the work platform.

Aluminium Scaffolding is used in many places like interior works, cleaning, convenience and efficiency. It is the perfect assistance for the customers to operate their aerial maintenance, repair, and installation work. This type of aluminium movable scaffolding is manufactured by SENDHAMARAI ENGINEERING at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Anantapur and Delhi. And you can contact our Toll Free Number 1800 120 227447

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