Telescopic Boom Lift SX-180

The SX-180 boom lift is a specially adapted Super Boom that is ideally suited for a huge range of industries: construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil refineries, chemical maintenance, and large utilities.

Our unique XChassis system both extends and retracts, allowing the SX-180 boom lift to provide excellent stability in a profile narrow enough for transport on a standard trailer without requiring over-width or over-height permits.

The SX-180 boom lift is designed so that all of the important components and systems are easy to access for maintenance. Combined with fuel efficiency and generator specs that keep the SX-180 out in the field longer, this lift is designed for limited downtime and ultimate productivity.

The SX-180 boom lift is equipped with a 2.44 m X .91 m platform (8 ft X 3 ft) with an unrestricted weight capacity of 340.2 kg (750 lbs). It automatically adjusts and remains level as the boom moves to provide ease of use, safety, and an unrestricted reach to get two workers and gear anywhere within the working envelope.


Zero tail swing and zero front arm swing in stowed and raised working positions, along with its 1.19 m (47 in) wide chassis, make this boom the only one with true narrow aisle access. Dual parallelogram riser design allows ascent and descent along a vertical plane without retracting or extending the boom lift. The RJ model features a rotating jib that adds an industry-leading 180° (2 x 90°) of horizontal rotation. 180° powered platform rotation for precise platform positioning and easy operation.  Drive performance of 35% grade ability and 3.3 mph travel speed. Motor controller eliminates the need for forward/reverse contactors or speed sensors, reducing complexity and improving reliability.


  • Working height – 11.14 m(36 ft)
  • Lifting Capacity – Up to 227Kg(500 lbs)
  • Horizontal Reach – 6.53 m (21 ft 5 in)
  • Platform Rotation – 180°
  • Up and Over Clearance – 3.86 m (12 ft 8 in)

Z-30/20 NRJ

  • Working height – 10.89 m (35 ft 2 in)
  • Lifting Capacity – Up to 227 Kg(500 lbs)
  • Horizontal Reach – 6.25 m (20 ft 6 in)
  • Up and Over Clearance – 3.86 m (12 ft 8 in)


  • 48 V DC (eight 6V 350 Ah capacity batteries)
  • Universal 30A battery smart charger
  • Low battery voltage interrupt
  • Solid Rubber non marking Tyres
  • 2*4 Wheel drive
  • Turntable rotation – 355° non-continuous
  • Jib Options1.22 m (4 ft) Articulating jib boom / horizontal rotating jib boom

Genie Self-Propelled Boom Lift Battery and Diesel

Genie Bi-Energy system combines the quiet, emission-free and efficient operation of a 48V DC machine with the versatility of a diesel powered generator to provide a boom that is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The Bi-Energy has the added feature of an on-board diesel powered generator. The generator acts as a 100 amp battery charger to provide enough electrical power to operate all boom functions even when the batteries are fully discharged.

Get the reach and performance you need to get the job done from Genie Articulating and Telescopic boom lifts. Electric, Hybrid, Bi-energy or Engine Powered for indoor, outdoor or rough terrain applications.

Articulating boom lifts provide lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities with outreach that’s second to none. These models’ tight turning radius and zero tail swing make for easy manoeuvrings in confined work areas.  The engine powered boom lifts provide lifting versatility with a stunning combination of up and over positioning capabilities and extensive outreach.

360°continuous rotation turntable and 160°platform rotation for fast and easy positioning. Four-wheel steer with front-wheel, rear-wheel, crab and coordinated steer options available to provide additional manoeuvrability. Four-wheel drive with full-time positive traction handles rough ground conditions to enhance the smoothness of the ride.

Genie Z-80/60 Specifications:

Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications the Genie -80/60 self propelled engine-powered articulating boom lift provides lifting versatility with a combination of up.

  • Full-time positive traction and full-time 4WD (4WD models) for a smooth ride on rough ground conditions
  • Reverse-articulating secondary boom with 29 ft (8.83 m) of up and over reach and zero front arm swing
  • Quiet diesel engine options for increased performance, gradeability and terrainability
  • Platform hydraulically rotates 160˚ and stays level throughout the entire range of motion
  • Smooth, precise, fully proportional platform controls with ramp up/down feature
  • 360° continuous turntable rotation for fast, easy positioning
  • Steel 6 or 8 ft (1.83 or 2.44 m) platform with up to 500 lb (227 kg) lift capacity


Working Height*84 ft (25.77 m)
Width8 ft 2 in (2.49 m)
Horizontal Reach60 ft (18.29 m)
Up & Over Clearance29 ft (8.83 m)
Lift Capacity500 lbs (227 kg)

Genie Articulated Boom Lifts – Best Offer

Genie articulating boom lift offers quiet, emission-free operation in the most sensitive work environments. With this Genie® narrow electric lift, operators can easily drive through standard doorways, work close to buildings or around obstacles, and access overhead work from aisles and other congested areas.


  • Driveable at full height for added productivity in high-rise spaces
  • 360° turntable rotation for precise positioning at height
  • Genie Fast Mast™ boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and to quickly return to work at height
  • Proportional controls for lift and drive functions