• A boom lift has a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulically controlled extended arm that is attached to a grounded base.
  • The arms hydraulic control allows it to extend both horizontally and vertically to carry people, materials and tools to extended heights.
  • The grounded base of boom lifts are fitted with wheels to provide maneuverability to allow operator to move the unit into the best position to reach the work height and location.
  • Articulating boom lifts provide increased flexibility and maneuverability when completing work.
  • Their multiple arm design allows the operator platform and basket to be precisely moved to complete works in hard to reach or confined spaces.
  • The joints on a boom lift allow the boom to be extended or retracted as necessary.
  • This adjustable size makes it easier to bring the boom lift into any work area regardless of size.
  • Depending on the job requirements boom lift buckets and work platforms can be rated to carry single or double operators to allow the work to be completed.
  • Boom lifts are available with multiple fuel types including diesel, battery electric and even hybrid units.
  • Diesel lifts are ideal for use outside on construction sites where the extra power from the diesel engine easily moves the unit across uneven ground.
  • Battery electric units are exhaust fume free and quote so can be used safely indoors.
  • Hybrid units offer the ultimate flexible lift solution as their fuel source can be switched based on the work area allowing the same unit to operate in all conditions indoors and outdoors.
  • The multiple hydraulic arms of articulating boom lifts allow the operator platform or bucket to move over, under or around obstacles.
  • This allows operators to access all areas regardless of obstacles.
  • While the primary purpose of a boom lift sounds simple, trying to decide which model is best for your needs requires detailed planning. Some boom lift models reach much higher elevations, while others are more versatile in hard-to-reach areas. Both of these factors are critical when selecting which boom lift is right for you.
  • Platform size should be calculated by your ideal platform size by determining how many workers will be aboard and how much material and tools they will take with them.
  • Most boom lifts are powered either by electricity or diesel fuel. Indoor applications favor electricity, while it’s often more practical to use diesel-powered lifts for outdoor work.
  • If you plan to use your lift frequently, purchasing a boom lift can be more beneficial than getting a rental. However, renting is the best way to go if you need to complete a job that’s once and done or if you’re working on a project for just a few days or weeks.

Aerial work platform practical for coming in close or for overhanging work

A telescopic boom lift is a forklift with superpowers. If you cross bred a small crane, with a forklift, you would get a telescopic boom lift. These machines look a lot like a forklift, but they have booms attached to them that can extend out and up.

Their long reach and speed make them the perfect tool for shipyards, construction, demolition and maintenance sites, or for putting the finishing touches to works of art. Certain models of this aerial work platform have a jib arm which is practical for coming in close or for overhanging work.

Full proportional controls and simultaneous boom lift functions Continuous 360° turntable rotation Outstanding rough terrain driving features Outstanding rough terrain driving features: 4 wheel/2 Wheel drive and steer Fully modular basket quick and easy to repair Easy access to all components Best safety feeling Smooth and precise controls Strong, quick and manoeuvrable boom.

Our telescopic boom lifts reach out further with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible.

12M Working Height Boom Lift Industrial Purpose

Drive through ordinary doorways, move around complications and access overhead work from walkways with the 12M Working Height articulating electric boom lift. With a tight turning radius, turntable rotation and the fast moving boom lift function, this lightweight, compact booms engine is well-suited for tasks on sensitive floors such as airports, shopping centers, warehouse interiors and other industrial work place

The overview of boom lift 12 Meter working height are drivable at full height for added productivity in high-rise spaces. The 360° turntable rotation for precise positioning at height like Fast Mast boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and to quickly return to work at height. Proportional controls for lifting and driving functions.

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36 Feet Working Height Articulating boom lift

The articulating boom lift offers quiet, emission-free operation in the most penetrating work environments.

With this narrow electric boom lift, operators can easily moving through standard doorways, work close to buildings or around problems, and access upstairs work from walkways and other congested areas the 36 feet boom lift work perfectly without any fails

Works in tight spaces with zero tail swing and opposite support swing in stowed and raised positions

Compact chassis for narrow aisle access. 4 feet (1.22 m) jib boom has 139° range of motion allowing precise positioning above or below. 35% grade ability drive performance and 3.3 mph travel speed 

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The Boom Lift Electric and Bi-energy Machine

The Articulating Boom lift works for both DC (Diesel Boom Lift) and Bi-Energy (Battery Operation) machines offer quiet, emission-free operation in the most delicate working environments. For most of the industrial applications where the machine must be driven important distances, the boom lift bi-energy system combines the benefits of a 48V DC machine with the versatility of a diesel-powered generator.

For most of the boom lift engine is perfectly design for heavy industrial work load. Each and every product would make separate testing engineer tested more time and implement in boom lift.

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Strong reaching boom lift self-leveling platform with hydraulic platform rotation

The articulating boom lift jib adds an extra 1.52m (5ft) of outreach or working height and has a 135˚ working range. Other standard features include 360˚ continuous rotation turntable for quick and flexible positioning; and a self-leveling platform with hydraulic platform rotation.

Extendable axles provide additional stability when working – and can be retracted for ease of transport.
Optional extras available include power to platform; an aircraft protection kit with platform foam padding and padded disable system; and Genie’s Track & Trace tele mastic unit.

Boom lift

The Genie S125 (also known as the Genie S125 straight boom lift) has a working height of 40m with an outreach capability of 24m making it one of the highest reaching booms.

The Genie S125 has 4WD capability, hydraulic differential lock, rough terrain tyres and excellent ground clearance.

It is ideally suited for steel erection, civil engineering, electrical work, facilities management, mechanical engineering, film, television, security, property development, industrial cleaning, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, agriculture, forestry and energy supply.

Boom Lift Ideal For Both Indoor And Outdoor Application

The advance design of a boom lift makes it a genie machine, able to deal with all manner of terrain, projects and materials on your site. Its support and lifting mechanisms make it a reliable and safe option that ensures you’ll get the job done.

Reliability for all indoor and outdoor areas:

The compact transportation size of a boom lift makes it extremely reliable in both tight and open spaces. They also come in both electric and diesel form, allowing you to choose the right option for your suitable noise levels and the distance you’ll need it to cover.

Straight forward to use:

Boom lifts are the hire option of choice for those hard to reach places and with a reach of up to 54 metres they can make daunting task seem much more manageable. They also come with minimal speed manufacturer restrictions, making them easy to maneuver and a great all-round aerial tool.

Hybrid-Powered Boom Lifts

Articulated boom lifts are generally used for tasks that demand reaching up and over the obstacles in order to get an access to a job that cannot be easily approached by an ordinary straight boom lift. The boom lift is flexible, agile, and easy to transport and simple to use and for that reason usable for several varieties of activities, heavy Machinery we’ve a range of platforms, including boom lifts.

Our electric and hybrid-powered boom lifts provide the obvious benefits: Energy efficiency, quiet operation, lower weight and lower cost. Industrial applications where the machines must be driven significant distances, the Genie FE hybrid system combines the benefits of a 48V DC machine with the power.

Boom Lift

Several models feature a 48V DC electric drive system, which can be freely used in areas where quiet, emission-free operation is important. The Genie Z-40/23N model was the first in the industry to feature an AC drive system, which combines DC batteries with 3-phase AC drive motors for boom lift quiet, more energy efficient operation and longer battery life. This advanced system yields better drive speed and grade-ability, and the drive wheels work independently for excellent traction control. This system is also found on the Genie Z-33/18 boom.

Lightweight electric Genie Z™-33/18 boom lift is highly maneuverable

The major electric boom lift are routine outdoor maintenance tasks. It was designed from the ground up to combine lightweight, compact dimensions with powerful low-consumption motors, shorter ground-to-top lifting time with the Genie Fast Mast™ boom system, plus improved ergonomic features and easy-to-access machine components to speed up troubleshooting and servicing.

The self-leveling platform of our Genie Z™-30 and Z-34 models rotates 90° to either side, while the jib boom moves 130° to 139° vertically, depending on the model. The 4 ft (1.22 m) jib moves horizontally 180° on rotating jib models for extra working range. Proportional controls allow you to control the speed of each function and make smooth, precise adjustments in tight areas.

Proportional lift and drive controls allow precise positioning of the boom and smooth drive performance. For added flexibility, the energy-saving Genie Z-40/23N boom lift control system allows efficient operation of multiple functions at the same time which allows you to get the job done faster.

High performance, high efficiency and low emissions, Genie hybrid boom lift rental use an environmentally-friendly, fully compliant engine-powered generator to maintain the battery state of charge or to supplement the battery power to get a boost in machine performance. Constantly monitoring the state of the battery, our hybrid technology maximizes run time and minimizes fuel consumption.

The electric boom lift includes a variety of narrow models ideal for the tight and confined work areas. These compact designs feature a tight turning radius with zero tails-wing on most models for easy maneuvering through narrow aisles and standard doors.

AWP Machine Self Leveling Platform

A Genie Lifts is a hydraulic use with a railed platform at the end for raising and lowering people usage. It is also known as boom lift, man lift, basket crane . While typically used in building construction MEP, hvac, other industrial maintenance and remodeling, the articulating boom lift sometimes work in warehouses, utilized in installation, maintenance and repair of warehouse racking, lights, heating units or other mechanical system components at elevated heights.

Order pickers, specialized lifts for selecting items from elevated heights in warehouse racking, are sometimes called cherry pickers, too.
There are several types of awp machine, such as truck-mounted boom lift ones, telescopic booms, articulated booms and trailer-mounted lifts.
Often mounted on the back of a large vehicle (truck), cherry pickers can also be mounted on flat beds or paneled vans. Some types of hydraulic machines are mounted on stand-alone trailers or self-moving platforms. A person stands in and works from the platform. Some Articulating boom lift or telescopic boom lift are equipped with a duplicate set of controls that allow operators to manipulate the position of the bucket themselves. Some Aerial work platform have telescoping capability to adjust the reach of the device, usually with automatic safety controls to prevent tipping over. Other models use articulating boom sections. AWP Equipments run either on electric power supplied from batteries or they use gasoline or diesel engines. For More Details