Now a day’s electric scissor lift is usually powered by lead-acid batteries, which have several lead plates in the acid bath. This technology has been the choice for batteries for over 150 years. But following in the footsteps of electric vehicles, including golf carts and cars, the scissor lift has now begun to follow lithium-ion battery technology.

In the 1980s, lithium ion technology became popular among consumers for its ability to efficiently operate small electronics such as cell phones, laptops and cordless devices. Equipped with Li-ion technology, these batteries provide power and charge using the exchange of lithium ions.

Today’s lithium ion technology for Scissor Lift has evolved to power and charge small objects in those early days, and with new formulas it now offers more robust energy and charge, enabling manufacturers to use it for small and medium-sized construction equipment. Such as scissors lift. For example, the lithium ion battery option for the Genie-1930 (North American model) and GS-1932 (EMEAAR model) scissor lifts is made of a lithium-iron phosphate compound (commonly referred to as LFP) which is a proven battery chemistry. Ideal for required rental applications and required performance in workplace environments.

To further enhance the performance of the new Genie lithium ion battery, we have incorporated battery heaters in the design of this new option to provide reliable and uniform operation at temperatures up to -20 ° F (-29 C).

All of these engineering advances in lithium ion battery technology translate into significant advantages of this technology when used in scissor lifts compared to traditional lead-acid battery options, including significant reduction in total franchise cost and improved emission workplace performance. For example, battery maintenance and irrigation are eliminated by comparison with lead-acid batteries – saving time and money.

In addition to requiring minimal maintenance, Genie lithium ion battery packs reduce the frequency of battery changes over the life of slab scissors, thanks to their longevity properties. Developed to meet customer demand for innovative new equipment, the new Genie Lithium Ion Battery Technology solution offers quick, efficient charging and long battery life, making Genie GS scissor lifts an environmentally friendly option.

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Designed for low-level access on sensitive flooring and space restricted applications, the Genie GS-1432m E-Drive scissor lift delivers quality and durability while improving total cost of ownership and productivity. It is equipped with an efficient, all-electric AC drive system that offers unmatched productivity for getting around indoor and outdoor jobsites in a compact, lightweight and versatile package.

  • Micro-size ideal for low-level installation and maintenance jobs in tight spaces 
  • Zero inside turning radius
  • Powerful AC electric drive motors for unmatched driving performance and industry-leading runtime per battery charge
  • Low weight (1,984 lb / 900 kg), ideal for work on sensitive floors
  • 500 lb (227 kg ) max lift capacity indoors and outdoors
  • Fits through a doorway with fixed rails
  • 2 person max. platform occupancy indoors and 1 person outdoors
  • User-friendly Smart Link dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use


  • Max Working Height
  • Capacity
  • Machine Width
  • Machine Length
  • Weight
  • 20 ft 1 in | 6.30 m
  • 500 lb | 227 kg
  • 32 in | 81 cm
  • 4 ft 7 in | 1.40 m
  • 1,984 lb | 900 kg

Magical work of Scissor Lift-

Scissor lift is a machine designed to move personnel and equipment in a vertical direction. This elevator can handle any utility that usually requires a ladder, tower or scaffolding. The scissor lift allows operators to complete the same tasks quickly and safely, without the hassle of setting up other equipment such as scaffolding or tower, and without the dangerous instability of the ladder.

Although the chance of a fall cannot be completely eliminated when you work at any height, the scissor lift provides a secure saddle or a firm base surrounded by cable and rail. The work platform of the scissor lift provides a solid foundation and inviolable protection for all types of work that takes place at low and medium heights.

Sometimes you will hear about the scissor lift referred to by one of these names for its technical classification:

  • Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP)
  • Aerial work platform (AWP)
  • Elevated work platform (EWP)

The Scissor lift is usually made of steel and consists of a platform and rails supported by a beam or bar-style struts. The way the struts are joined together makes them look like multiple sets of attached scissor blades, and when they are operated, they make an open-close movement like scissors. The X shape actually has a technical name called pontograph, and the hydraulic mechanisms elevate and direct the scissor action.

Scissor lift usually extends vertically 10-60ft depending on the model, although there are models that move upwards. Some scissors lift can be moved forward and backward. Always review your elevator user manual to check safety precautions for moving elevators when extended.

Other types of aerial lifts, i.e. an open or telescopic lift, reach higher heights than standard scissor lifts, but the scissor lift carries more weight and provides a functional work platform. Scissors lift have an advantage over other options with their relatively small storage size.

Some Scissor lifts sit on four wheels, while other models have exteriors that go into or around the surrounding ground to add stability. Some scissor lifts run on electricity and / or batteries, while others carry gas, diesel or other types of fuel.

Some Scissor Lift machines are made to operate indoors, like those used for building maintenance or warehousing, while rough-terrain scissor lifts (RTS) can stand up to outdoor conditions and challenging paths. Some have non-marking tires while others do not. With many options within the same class of MEWP, the first step toward acquiring or renting a scissor lift is to consider what kind of work it will do and in what environments.

Many scissor lift models produce no emissions and operate at a low noise level.

Our Blue force( Scissor Lift) is ready for your orders:-

GS – 2046 E:-

The slab scissor lift operates quietly and with zero emissions and is ideal on construction, maintenance and installation tasks on firm surfaces, indoors and outdoors. The standard Genie AC electric E-Drive system offers unmatched efficiency and runtime on applications where a significant amount of lifting and driving is required.

  • Powerful AC electric drive motors for unmatched driving performance and industry-leading runtime per battery charge
  • Quiet, zero-emission electric operation
  • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius for easy positioning
  • 25% gradeability with 14° break over angle to easily get up slopes and loading ramps
  • Large platform workspace with 0.91 m (36 in) roll-out platform extension
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum working height is 26 ft | 8.10 m
  • Capacity is 1,200 lb | 544 Kg
  • Machine Width is 3 ft 10 in | 1.17 m
  • Machine Length is 7 ft 11 in | 2.41 m
  • Weight is 4,288 lb | 1,945 Kg


The Genie rough terrain scissor lifts includes both fully electric (DC) and Hybrid (Bi-Energy) Models to boost jobsite versatility and performance for both indoors and outdoors while representing significant cost savings over diesel powered lifts. The GS-3390 RT is equipped as standard with the exclusive of Genie Active Oscillating axle. From 40% to 50% grade ability when driving on slopes, depending on the model. More platform options are available, such as the dual slide-out platform extension deck and the super deck extension package. These options respectively increase platform length up to 6.57 m (21 ft 6.5 in) and 7.38 m (24 ft 2.5 in). On-board diagnostics help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustments in the field to maximize uptime. Plus, the swing-out engine tray allows easy access to components. Many parts and service procedures are common across the entire Genie scissors lift for cost-effective parts stocking and maintenance efficiencies.

  • Working height – 11.94m(39ft 2 in)
  • Lifting Capacity – Up to 1134 Kg (2500 lbs)
  • Max Platform Occupancy – 7 Members
  • Grade ability – 50%


The Genie 1932 slab scissor lifts boast quiet electric operation and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in tight spaces on firm, level surfaces.  Electrically-powered, they are available with Genie AC E-Drive or hydraulic drive configuration.

  • Genie AC 1932 E-Drive configuration offers increased runtime, reduced maintenance costs and industry-leading performance
  • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius
  • Easily pass through standard single or double doors
  • Large platform workspace with 0.91 m (36 in) roll-out platform extension
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use
Max Working Height25 ft | 7.79 m
Capacity500 lb | 227 Kg
Machine Width2 ft 8 in | 0.81 m
Machine Length6 ft | 1.83 m
Weight2,929 lb| 1,329 Kg


GENIE Scissor Lift will satisfy all the needs of the user. Its gives you the trust and symbolize reliability which can’t be compared with any other brand, Where our company machine plays a vital role in the industrial work.

Our Scissor Lift will be provided both for rental and sales in India. The height works need some support like Boom Lift or Scissor Lift. Specially for Vertical works Scissor Lift is mandatory, We are providing GENIE make machine which is having Replaceable aluminium deck, Folding guardrails, Proportional lift and drive, On-board diagnostic system, Full height swing gate, 4WD, Positive traction control, Four-wheel braking, Slide-out engine tray, Foam-filled rough terrain tires (eco fill), Tilt level sensor with audible alarm, Horn, Hour meter, Dual slide-out platform extension deck package front and rear, etc….


Before selecting the scissor Lift, site assessment is important like Matching the height, dimensions and other specifications of a scissor lift to the job and environment is not only a matter of logistics, but also efficiency and most importantly, safety. The first step in getting a scissor lift in to do the job is to assess the site and goals, which will involve the following:

  • Environment – Will the lift operate indoors or outdoors?
  • Emissions – What is the tolerance for emissions in the work area?
  • Terrain – What is the terrain like where it will operate?
  • Work Heights – What are the minimum and maximum work heights it will need to reach?
  • Temperature – Will its environment be temperature controlled/is weather a factor?
  • Use Frequency – How often will it run, for example continuously or occasionally?
  • Load Weight – How heavy of a load will it need to lift?
  • Clearance – What is the clearance in the aisles or other workspaces where the scissor lift will operate?
  • Travel Distance – How far or how much will the unit need to travel in a day?


Compact dimensions and zero inside turning radius make the Genie® GS™-3246 E-Drive slab scissor lift ideal for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance, and installation tasks on level ground and in tight spaces. Boasting the state-of-the-art Genie Slab Scissor Lift AC electric E-Drive system, it offers unmatched efficiency and runtime when a significant amount of driving is required.

  • Powerful AC electric drive motors for unmatched driving performance and industry-leading runtime per battery charge
  • Quiet, zero-emission electric operation
  • Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and to drive through standard double doors
  • 25% gradeability with 14° breakover angle to easily get up slopes and loading ramps
  • Large platform workspace with 0.91 m (36 in) roll-out platform extension
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link™ dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use
Max Working Height38 ft | 11.75 m
Capacity700 lb | 318 kg
Machine Width3 ft 10 in | 1.17 m
Machine Length7 ft 11 in | 2.41 m
Weight6,131 lb | 2,781 kg

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Scissor Lift – Types and Applications:-

People safely can work on self propelled Scissor Lift platform with rails that can be lifted Vertically straight to certain fixed height are known as scissor lifts. They are self balanced, ergonomic, Efficient, Economic and Time saving. Based on customer requirements and need scissor lift are classified into various type.

Scissor Lift From Sepl

Very Basic types are Battery or Diesel further Rough Terrain or Slab Scissors.

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Application of Scissor Lift

  • HVAC
  • Fire fighting
  • PEB
  • Maintenance Activities
  • other possible safe working at heights

Types of Scissor Lifts

Battery Scissor Lift – Slab Scissor / Rough Terrain
Diesel Scissor Lift – Rough Terrain