Articulated Boom Lift For Rental:-


  • Space limitations. You need to find a good balance between range and size to ensure that the boom lift fits safely and comfortably in the job site. Consider the space that you need the lift to move through. A wide, open job site can use any type of boom lift, but your options will be limited if you need to access tall buildings with narrow openings.
  • Weight capacity. You need to be sure about the recommended and maximum weight of the platform. Some booms are designed to support only few workers. So make sure you choose equipment that can handle the number of workers required for the job, including any gear and materials without overloading.
  • Type of movement. You should determine whether you need single- or multiple-masts, with regard to vertical movement or both horizontal and vertical movement, respectively.
  • Power source. Diesel engine powered boom lifts are popular because of the torque. But for indoor job sites, you should consider cleaner sources of power, like electric and LPG that have zero emissions and quieter operation.
  • Job site conditions. The type of surface—soft and delicate or steep and rugged—will affect the type of lift and machine required. You also need to choose the right tires, which may include solid rubber, flotation, foam-filled, standard pneumatic, non-marking, and so on.
  • Accessing confined work areas. If you need to access congested spaces, an articulating boom with a narrow configuration and zero tail swing might be ideal for the work.
  • Reaching over obstacles. Although articulating booms have less horizontal reach compared to telescopic booms, they have greater versatility due to their multiple joints that allow them to reach up, over, and out to access difficult to reach work areas.
  • Traveling over rough terrain. Articulating boom lifts for rough-terrain feature lug-tread tires, powerful petrol/LPG or diesel engines, four-wheel drive, and active oscillating axles for superior traction and performance on rugged, uneven job sites.
  • Working indoors. Their easy access makes articulating boom lifts suitable for indoor jobs.
  • You need additional reach from the platform. Some articulating boom lift models come equipped with a boom extension positioned between the platform and the primary boom. Jib booms provide another articulation point to raise or lower the platform, or move it sideways on some models.
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