jib Rotation Boom Lift For Rent And Sale:-

Boom Lift is compact for storage, light-weighted and easy to transport. The lift track width and height is adjustable. The jib rotation and basket rotation is around 180 degree. It can rotate 360°for both horizontal and vertical direction. So it can realize multipoint work in wide scope. It can be diesel or storage battery according to customer’s requirements. One person can drive and another person can operate the platform.Adopt structural steel with high quality for single-side welding and double-side moulding. Tilt alarm and motion sensors ensure operators are safe at all times.The Genie-made Boom Lift has four battery packs and they can be easily accessed for charging, servicing and replacing.    

Single control valves prevent the power failure. It contains pneumatic rubber tyres, solid rubber tyres or polyurethane tyres.  Made of high intensity manganese steel tubes are fully protected. It is characterized by great loading capacity. When the electricity is available it is used for indoor use and there is no noise and air pollution. Suppose when the electricity is not available it is used for outdoor use. The unit is designed with levelling stabilizer which includes two types of support; one is the height-adjusting bolts for levelling and the other is outriggers for preventing inclination.

This type of boom lift is used for flexible moving, smooth lifting, and big convenient operations.The voltage power is up to 415v. ThisBoom Lift contains working cage, articulated boom, chassis, outriggers, regulating wheel and controller. It can provide you convenience and efficiency for maintenance for aerial work, and it also moves a short distance. Boom rotation is 360°, so it can work across the barriers. It can move up the nearest floor and open the door when you meet an emergency. It is proportional control, speed regulation and superior operational performance. There are two control boards, one is on the work platform and the other one is chassis. Options and accessories are available. The levelling capacity is around 12 ½ degree.

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There are three powers diesel power, battery power and 220/380v power.It can easily lift the person with the max capacity is 200kg.As per the confidential and highly secure lifts, applies the comprehensive technology such as magnet card, fingerprint and retina etc. to ensure the users security and let you work in comfort and safety.

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