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Sendhamarai Engineering has made climbing through scaffolding quite easier and comfortable by introducing aluminium ladders & aluminium scaffolding in attractive price and patterns. We are satisfied to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers and Supplier of Scaffolding, Scaffolding hire, scaffolding delhi, aluminium scaffolding delhi, Aluminium Ladders in delhi, and access work platforms. These are widely used by professionals, household, hotels, large commercial complexes and industrials. A range of well fabricated aluminium scaffolding includes Aluminium Reclining scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding in delhi, and steel scaffolding in delhi.

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer

Aluminium Scaffolding are one of the most popular types of Scaffolds used in construction, Industrial erection, Commerical works these days. Since different kinds of work conditions require different kinds of aluminum mobile scaffolding, a wide variety of Aluminium scaffold platform are available in the market to fulfill different work requirements. Some Work are default used of aluminium mobile scaffolding model such as 5100, 5300,5150,5250,5400. But Some Work are separately different to reach the height for example stair way work, plant project, railway project common model is not suits for some project work at that time aluminium scaffolding manufacturer company more help to customized scaffolding Sendhamarai engineeing is best and biggest aluminium scaffolding manufacturer plant in india. Also serviced in Chennai Bangalore, Hyderabad, Anantapur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi.

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental Service Dealer Supplier

We at Sendhamarai Engineering Pvt Ltd aluminium scaffolding provide cost effective, safe and efficient access solutions. From simple Interior to outdoor commercial & industrial technical construction jobs involving big engineering firms, we offer our aluminium scaffolding services to all types of clients in delhi

Making use of the perfect access equipment can reduce your work load significantly and help you complete your task more quickly and safely. You can also trust our knowledge to ensure that you get the right equipment in accordance with your job requirement. We would be more than happy to help you select the perfect access solution. Our range of aluminium scaffolds is available at competitive prices. You can feel free to contact us for quotes and prices.

The main types of Aluminium Scaffolds used in Delhi include; Aluminium tower scaffolds, Aluminium mobile scaffolding in delhi, Aluminium moving scaffolding and Aluminium telescopic scaffolds in delhi.

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Boom Lift Rental / Dealer / Supplier

Boom Lift

Hire our boom lifts for access to working heights ranging from 12 to 40 meters. Our boom lifts, which are also refer to as Haulotte & Genie, provide horizontal outreach capabilities as well as offering vertical access.

Other key benefits of hiring boom lifts in delhi are: Some other types of boom lift in delhi offers Telescopic boom lift, Articulated boom lift, Diesel operated boom lift in delhi, Battery operated boom lift.

The boom lift is foldable in multi-stage, so the lift is very flexible and convenient in operation. It is able to stride some barriers and work at several points without moving around all time. It is of wide operating range, high efficiency and large load capacity.

Telescopic Boom Lift Services Delhi

Telescopic Boom Lift is commonly known as “Stick Boom”. It is structured to improve working efficiency of our man power and ideal for the unfavorable atmospheric conditional area. It has a extendable straight arm with work bucket in front so that jobs can be done maneuvering in maximum height and it can rotate 360 degree in either direction and boom can move up and down, from vertical to horizontal. It is specially designed to work in air and fastest lift, because it is perfect for areas with limited access to construction and industrial area. Before getting a Telescopic Boom Lift you should think about something they are…

First thing is how much weight it will carry, because approximately one person with heavy tools like raw materials should claim to the top. Second, you should calculate the height and range where Telescopic Boom Lift should move. For example: small-40 feet and tall 180 feet. Third, the platform size should be big to fit and support the weight of all items you need to carry on it at once so that you can save time instead of wasting time in raising and lowering the platform. Fourth, Telescopic Boom Lift is not advised to use in closed or indoor area without ventilation(in case of closed or indoor area you are advised to use electric telescopic boom lift for safety) because the fumes which will exhaust could cause carbon monoxide poising like issues. So we can avoid that issue.

Telescopic Boom Lift

It works in AC, Diesel power, Battery power and Bi-energy.

There are more than 18 models, it is very useful and a gift for the contractors, window cleaners, painters etc. Because it is providing secure and reliable work space for customers and it will speed up the work for them so that they can do more jobs quickly.

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Scissor Lift Rental / Suppier / Dealer

Scissor Lift

Sendhamarai Scissor Lift is composed of diesel scissor lift and battery operated scissor lift in terms of power type, and hydraulic scissor lift in delhi. Diesel scissor lift features nice appearance, stability, reliability, strong power performance and field adaptability, flexible operation, excellent quality and safety. It applies to indoors, outdoors, field or uneven conditions. Hydraulic scissor lift and battery scissor lift are pleasing to eye, flexible to operate, and capable of self travelling and turning. It applies to indoors or outdoors flat conditions. Our Hydraulic Scissors Lift has different sizes and weight loading capacity. Our scissors lifts Machine are known for their little or no maintenance costs and ease to use. Some other scissor lift services in delhi region Slab Scissor Lifts delhi, Rough Terrain Scissor lifts delhi, Hydraulic Scissor Lift delhi, Electric Scissor Lift in delhi, Battery operator scissor lift delhi, Diesel operated scissor lift delhi region.

Aluminium Ladder Rental / Supplier

Aluminium Ladder

Our entire Ladder is certified by perfect manner. Our services Self Supporting aluminium Ladders, Aluminium Extension ladder delhi, Wall reclining aluminium ladders delhi, Aluminium Self Supporting Extension Ladders in delhi, Safety tower trolley aluminium ladders in delhi, as 'A' Type aluminium Ladder in delhi, Tiltable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder in delhi, Wall Supported Aluminium Ladder delhi, Wall supported aluminium extension ladder, Trolley Step Aluminium Ladder, Self Support Aluminium Ladder, Self Support Extension Aluminium Ladder With Movable etc., which exemplify the best engineering and technical skills of our workforce. Our products are designed in tune with the rigorous quality standards making every product unique in terms of Durability, Strength, Stability, Safety and Reliability. Our products are available at the most competitive price that falls under the budget of every section of the society. We use only heavy aluminium alloy for our entire aluminium ladder in delhi area