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We are offering our clients the best Scaffold Tower Aluminium with Stairway. Developed by making use of supreme quality aluminium and other required basic material, these offered ladders are in compliance with the defined quality parameters of the industry.

The stairway scaffolding provides optimum safety owing to its staircase system, along with handrail feature. It is ideal for large load capacity climbing in addition to allowing access to elevated heights.

Working Condition Both Indoor & Outdoor
Scaffolding Availability Available For Both Sales & Rental

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Stairway Platform System can be customized and widely used as elevated work platforms, industrial/warehouse mezzanines, Inspection areas around large and non-standard applications in factories, renting facilities and automation cells or assembly operations.We also provide site surveys and assessment of any access problems, where our scaffolding products may offer a viable and practical access solutions drawing upon our years of experience from previous scenarios & applications. Our product range has components which are unique in the features they offer to the customer . We are stocked our aluminium scaffolding manufacturer in chennai, bangalore, hyderabad, delhi, pune, ahmedabad, Anantapur. For rental purpose we service anywhere in india.

These are modular systems and allows sub-assemblies to be easily installed on location, with no downtime to workflows. Our services in Chennai, bangalore, ahmedabad, pune, hyderabad, anantapur, delhi.

  • Easily assembled in the customer's facility.
  • Eeasy Portability
  • Light Weight and easy handling
  • It utilized for all industrial and commercial work.
  • Up to 20 Meters available for sales and service.
Scaffold Type Support
Material Aluminium
Rental Duration Start With 7 Days
Platform Single Width / Double Width


Aluminium Movable Scaffolding

Aluminium movable scaffolding ensures the highest level of safety and working comfort on construction sites, while the Aluminium scaffolding tower is the most essential requirement to be manufactured with the most reliable materials. Due to the tight deadline during construction, there is a basic need for long-term investment in Aluminium movable scaffolding because a lot of time has already been invested in installing and removing them. Therefore, it is the primary responsibility of a company to select the right scaffolding material to suit the needs of the site and the needs of the workforce.


Aluminium Scaffolding
Various Aluminium scaffolding products are available with additional support of double width Aluminium scaffolding, Stairway Aluminium double width mobile scaffolding, Aluminium mobile scaffolding, Aluminium stair tower, Aluminium scaffolding, Single width Aluminium scaffolding, Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder, Aluminium scaffolding movable ladder, Double width aluminium scaffolding.

The single-width Aluminium scaffolding tower is often very effective for stiffening, removing and carrying materials to various construction sites. It takes at least 2 people to remove the tower together. The single width Aluminium scaffolding tower is very useful for small spaces and narrow paths. The single-width Aluminium tower is 0.80 m, which allows easy passage through the door without removing the entire tower. The double-width Aluminium scaffolding tower is made of different ladder frames and span frames, which helps to reduce the risks. The weight of the frames is placed lightly for the most reliable transport, meanwhile, keeping the joints strong by precisely welding all the joints. The most common size used by all consumers is double width. Double width Aluminium Scaffolding allows 2-3 people to work on the work platform. It is designed with stairs.


It is commonly used to overcome obstacles that prevent the erection of a scaffolding tower, or to minimize the chances or damage to the structure beneath the cantilever area. Cantilever scaffolding / Bridge Scaffolding usually requires a frame, post or base plate to rest on the floor or below the proposed scaffolding in certain areas of the structure. Cantilever scaffolding is perfectly acceptable when there is a clear area to build the tower, it will not work when there are obstacles such as a partially sloping roof, polished roof or weak surface. Not only does it provide a cost-effective solution to these types of situations, it can also be time consuming.


Base Plate: Often scaffold frameworks will require more than simple base plates to safely carry and spread the load, is a load-bearing base for the scaffold. Level & firmness of the ground which gives the strong base.
STANDARD: the upright component with connector joins
PLATFORM: . A working platform requires certain other elements to be safe
RUNG LADDER FRAME: The rung is spacing between horizontal members of the end frames.
CASTOR WHEEL:- wheel provides strong base for the scaffolding while moving /stable and evenly spread the wait .
STABILISER/OUTER RIGGER : It is used for the safety purpose. If the scaffolding height is more than 4m then the outer rigger is must.
CROSS BRACE DIAGONAL BRACE:- it gives the strength and support to the scaffolding specially while climbing.
Toe Boards, GUARD RAIL, Handrail : shall be installed on all open sides and ends of platforms ,these are used for safety of workers.
STAIRWAY: It used to safety purpose and comfortability for the height workers.

Advantages of aluminium scaffolding:-

Like other materials, Aluminium scaffolding ladder has many advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, the most well-known feature of the Aluminium scaffold is appearance, that the installation of the structure is very professional! On the other hand, alloy Aluminium is very light in weight and due to this property, it is also very popular in the aviation industry. This quality also makes the assembling part of scaffolding much less laborious for an ordinary worker.

So, if you are searching for a manoeuvrable and light choice of scaffolding material at reasonable scaffolding rental, Aluminium is definitely the best of the rest. Due to its lightweight and smooth handling, it is relatively easy to remove and very time consuming. Since the crew can handle this very efficiently, the Aluminium scaffolding requires less labour and vehicle fuel, which saves you some good cost.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Superior Strength:

Aluminium has one of the best reliability-strength ratios among all other alloys. This not only makes aluminium scaffolding much lighter in handling but also provides superior durability as a result of its alloy properties. It is soft at the same time as rigid as anyone could ever imagine. From transportation to assembly and further dismantling after the completion of work, aluminium provides all major site benefits. Also, aluminium scaffolding is capable of bearing decent amounts of load without any additional support or care.

Corrosion Resistivity
Aluminium is one of the few metals considered a priority in the aerospace and outdoor applications, thanks to its natural corrosion resistance. In places, Aluminium scaffolding stands out wonderfully, even if a high-quality steel structure fails to meet expectations. Therefore, it can express severe weather, atmospheric variations and the rage of rain without any significant impact. The secret of such strength and resistance is its natural oxide film coating, which proves corrosion and sets a high quality above all other scaffolds.

Maneuverability is something every site worker wants because this feature not only eases his handling stress but also saves tremendous energy. Often, workers use rope or chains to swing and suspend scaffolding or to provide load protection. If the material they use is steel, suspending it with thin ropes or chains can be called a particular disaster. To overcome this concern, sites with lighter weight and equal strength are preferred, which makes Aluminium scaffolding Ladder the ultimate choice. Aluminium Movable scaffolding Ladder increases flexibility and profitability, while at the same time increasing the work space of multiple folds. However, the load-bearing capacity of Aluminium movable scaffolding is often discussed by the public. To the best of their knowledge, Aluminium offers the same hardness as any other heavy alloy, such as iron or steel.


• Make sure a competent, well-trained person handles tagging scaffolds for you
• Get a unique scaffold identification tag number for tracing purposes
• Inspect all scaffolds after erection
• Understand the three colors of scaffolding tags: Green, Yellow, and Red

GREEN TAG: The green tags for tagging scaffolds mean “SAFE FOR USE”. These tags are hung after an inspection shows the scaffold is safe to be used by workers.

YELLOW TAG: The yellow tag means “CAUTION” when it comes to tagging scaffolds. These will replace the green tags if a scaffold has been modified for work requirements. If the scaffold could present a hazard, a yellow tag is used, which means workers should proceed with caution.

RED: The red scaffolding tags means “DANGER – UNSAFE FOR USE”. These tags are used for scaffolding safety when a scaffold is being erected or dismantled. They can also be used if something has been damaged or the condition of the scaffold changes and becomes dangerous.

When it comes to tagging scaffolds, make sure it’s done correctly to keep workers informed of the condition of the scaffold. It’s an important part of Aluminium scaffolding safety and should be used on every worksite where scaffolding is used.


Select a secure foundation to build and build your scaffolding. Get earthen sills or base plates to attach the scaffold to make the feet more stable. Aluminium Scaffolding and safe ground is one of the main concerns here. Choose casters, If you plan to move your scaffolding to work in different locations, add coasters to your scaffolding system. Remember to lock the casters when you get the place. Assemble the scaffolding frame. Place the ends of the scaffolding. Lift one end piece and attach the top cross brace. At the far end of this brace you need to lift the second end piece and support the end section when attaching the cross brace on top of it. Secure the ends of the cross braces to the base of the opposite end frame. Make sure the scaffold is stable. Move the scaffold to the position you want and make sure it is level and safe. Place the platform, Lift the platform through the scaffolding bars. Hardware must be included to connect the platform to the correct location. Secure access to the scaffolding like ladder to access the scaffolding. Attach the guard rail, guardrails are highly recommended for all scaffolding due to the height of the equipment and the risk of falls. Inspect the Scaffolding to ensure safety. Examine the scaffolding system thoroughly to make sure all the pieces are secure. Review the scaffolding system every time you leave the site and make sure it is still safe.

Safety for Aluminium Scaffolding:-

Aluminium Movable Scaffolding safety guidelines translate some general knowledge intuition into written rules that must be observed by the construction team. A competent person should be aware of all such regimes. The laws of physics prevent scaffolding assembling for more height. This is a stability debit measure for Aluminium Scaffolding.

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers

Aluminium Scaffolding is characterized by the attributes such as robust construction, high strength, durability and portability. It is 100% safe and secure, 0% accident to prevent. The aluminium scaffolding can be produced with raw materials and assembled faster, rust proof and easy to maintain the labour-less oriented. It is mainly used for construction to build commercial and residential establishments and it is widely demanded across the nation. Aluminium Scaffolding tower are mostly common size used by all the customers. The Aluminium scaffolding tower allows 2-3 people work on the working platform. The platform is secured with wind anchor. Folding timber toe board for quick & easy installation is available. Now a days aluminium scaffolding manufacturers are more in number, but we are the one & only aluminium scaffolding manufacturer to make the scaffolding in traditional manner.

Aluminium Scaffolding Models In Sepl

Aluminium Scaffolding is balanced by wheels/Base plate and stabilizers hence it is safe for working on any height. It is used for pipeline, power equipment, repairing and cleaning, aerial equipment, installation work etc… It is easy to handle and maintenance. SEPL – 5150/NAWA/200 models are commonly used for all the customers from height 1.8 to 4.2 Mtr according to their own needs. Similarly SEPL’s other model 5100/NAWA/300, 5300/NAWA/300, 5400/NAWA/300, 5200/NAWA/300, 5250/NAWA/200 and 5050/NAWA/200. To Read More ...