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First we introduce ourselves Sendhamarai Engineering is one of the leading Scaffolding Company in Chennai India. We are manufacturing wide range of aluminium scaffolding in karur, cuplock scaffolding in karur; we have vast experience since 2003 in designing and manufacturing of Aluminium Scaffolding & Steel Scaffolding. Our range of materials are General Purpose Scaffolding (APS), H Frame Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding Systems, Aluminium scaffolding etc.,

Our Clients In Karur

Boom Lift

Hire our boom lifts for access to working heights ranging from 12 to 40 meters. Our boom lifts, which are also refer to as Haulotte & Genie, provide horizontal outreach capabilities as well as offering vertical access. Other key benefits of hiring boom lifts are:

The ability to access areas up and over obstacle. The use of proportional controls to allow precise positioning to work area. Safely working at height on a broad range of powered access applications.

Some other types of boom lift in karur offers Telescopic Boom lift, Articulated boom lift, Diesel operated boom lift karur, Battery operated boom lift.

Scissor Lift

Sendhamarai Engineering dependable Hydraulic Scissors Lift in karur supply standard haulotte power access Equipment. The accuracy manufacturing process employed ensures that each of our Scissors Lift is up to international standards and specifications. Our Hydraulic Scissors Lift comes in a range of styles from common standard to customer-defined lifts. Our Hydraulic Scissors Lift has different sizes and weight loading capacity. Our scissors lifts Machine are known for their little or no maintenance costs and ease to use. Some other scissor lift services in karur region Slab Scissor Lifts, Rough Terrain Scissor lifts, Hydraulic Scissor Lift, Electric Scissor Lift, Battery operator scissor lift, Diesel operated scissor lift.

Aluminium Ladder

All our industrial aluminium ladders are designed and manufactured by our own factory in chennai to accurate quality standards as per the way. Our products meet or exceed all applicable International Quality Standards and Occupational Safety and Health code requirements. In addition to our all-inclusive range of standard industrial aluminium ladders in Karur district, we concentrate in manufacturing supply industrial aluminium ladders in Karur, aluminium scaffolding and industrial power access equipment exactly as per our client's specifications. All our Aluminium Ladder successfully rental / purchase in Karur region.