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Aluminium Scaffolding Model

Industrial Purpose

We are offering our clients the best Scaffold Tower Aluminium with Stairway. Developed by making use of supreme quality aluminium and other required basic material, these offered ladders are in compliance with the defined quality parameters of the industry.

The stairway scaffolding provides optimum safety owing to its staircase system, along with handrail feature. It is ideal for large load capacity climbing in addition to allowing access to elevated heights.

Working Condition Both Indoor & Outdoor
Scaffolding Availability Available For Both Sales & Rental

Related Models

Stairway Platform System can be customized and widely used as elevated work platforms, industrial/warehouse mezzanines, Inspection areas around large and non-standard applications in factories, renting facilities and automation cells or assembly operations.We also provide site surveys and assessment of any access problems, where our scaffolding products may offer a viable and practical access solutions drawing upon our years of experience from previous scenarios & applications. Our product range has components which are unique in the features they offer to the customer . We are stocked our aluminium scaffolding manufacturer in chennai, bangalore, hyderabad, delhi, pune, ahmedabad, Anantapur. For rental purpose we service anywhere in india.

These are modular systems and allows sub-assemblies to be easily installed on location, with no downtime to workflows. Our services in Chennai, bangalore, ahmedabad, pune, hyderabad, anantapur, delhi.

  • Easily assembled in the customer's facility.
  • Eeasy Portability
  • Light Weight and easy handling
  • It utilized for all industrial and commercial work.
  • Up to 20 Meters available for sales and service.
Scaffold Type Support
Material Aluminium
Rental Duration Start With 7 Days
Platform Single Width / Double Width

Aluminium Scaffolding Used In Industrial Work

Aluminium Scaffolding Model

Aluminium Scaffolding is a provisional structure that’s used to support workers who are making modifications or repairs to the exterior of a building or another tall surface. Aluminium Scaffolding can be manufactured from heavy strong aluminium pipe. Well, each aluminium scaffold material will have its own advantages; nonetheless, when you want to buy new aluminium scaffolding, always make it a point to do your research well to know what material choices are available for scaffolding and how would it benefit your project.

Major Benefits To Connect With Aluminium Scaffolding

1. Aluminium Scaffolding Is Stable & Secure
Our Aluminium scaffolding is stable and secure and it has adequate diameter and efficacy to get ideal stability. This type of aluminium scaffolding has strengthened connections and is known for bearing considerably more weight than it usually supports during the regular use. Easy to mantling And dismantling.

2. Light In Weight Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding is light in weight and it’s definitely lighter than all other options available. It more comfort to portable. Before your workers can start working on a new project, the scaffolding has to be erected around the building that’s being renovated, painted or repaired, elevation, height works. If your workers have to erect and pull down scaffolding frequently to complete smaller jobs at different places, then aluminium scaffolding will be perfect making it a fantastic choice.
When shifting between industrial, complexes, shopping mall, Terex work, construction sites, it’s imperative to find a material that is light in weight and easily portability. Furthermore, aluminium scaffolding service effortless set up/ erection as compared to other heavier scaffolding materials that is more strenuous to install and require more time.

3. Price Range About Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium scaffolding is usually a more viable option than wood or steel scaffolding. Besides the material type such as the scaffolding manufacturer and size, many other elements can affect scaffolding price. Nonetheless, if you compare similar products, then aluminium scaffolding will be a more viable alternative. If you want to buy aluminium scaffolding to use your project. Please enquiry me our senior site engineer visit our working place then decided the height and model. Our staff fully covered the sales and rental of aluminium scaffolding may be the ideal choice for your project.

4. Aluminium Scaffolds Need Less Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, aluminium scaffolds require very less of maintenance. Whereas steel needs extra care to protect it from corrosion/ rust, particularly, in highly humid areas and wood scaffolding requires the utmost maintenance. The wood requires to be appropriately maintained or it can start to tear and deform. On the other hand, aluminium neither deforms nor oxidizes and lowers the amount of maintenance it requires. Aluminium scaffolding may be right for you if you don’t desire to maintain the scaffolding or lack adequate time to maintain it.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Towers

Aluminium scaffold towers are essential components required in the construction industry, also known as tower aluminium scaffolds. The demand and popularity of aluminium scaffold towers are on the rise due to their adaptability, flexibility and mobility.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding usage:

Aluminium scaffolding can be used for Painting purpose where each and every inch of the building should be painted without taking any risk. The working person will feel safe to work will our scaffolding because we are using standard Aluminium grade material and thickness of the scaffolding is more thinker than the other company. The width and length is designed as per the safety norms. The GRF and guard rails will ensure more safety for the person working in the Scaffolding. They can troll the scaffold where they want.

The aluminium scaffolding is mostly used for warehouse cleaning in industries. Because they use to have less space for working, but they want to work safely and flexibly. Actually we are usage castor/Nylon wheels for our scaffolding so that it won’t damage the floor like leaving mark, scratches, etc … then it is smooth to move from one place to another place. If the industry is having very low space then we can provide Single width scaffolding and for more space Double width scaffolding will be provided.

The aluminium scaffolding is used in Malls for regular use. They will arrange the products in their respective racks and which to be displayed first and which is next like that they can decide and place the product very easily and leniency because of our scaffolding which mould them for the work which should be performed. They can do patch work and often change products place so that they can give more new and pleasant look for interior, Actually people crowd is more in malls and they don’t want to take risk on their customer’s safety obviously their option is our scaffolding only because we will fix the scaffolding with all the safety measures like side support, guard rails etc…

We are customising our scaffolding according to the customers need. Specially our cantilever type gives the extended platform to the material where the customer want to work in height without ground space.


Our SENDHAMARAI ENGINEERING can provide customised scaffolding. Yes, you can get the customised scaffolding for your projects. we are providing standard scaffolding for some projects which satisfies the customers need but in some cases, requirement will be different from the standard one, Because all projects/site won’t be the same. So, we are providing the customised scaffolding by doing direct site visit to the site or drawing/images given by the customer. Recently we provided scaffolding for one railway work where they enjoyed to work with our scaffolding due to the safety measures and facilities over our company scaffolding material.

Our customised aluminium scaffolding for railway work had cantilever model which provides the extra platform to work in that particular spot without any base , side support will provide the gravity safety for the scaffolding material and as usual guard rail , toe board etc … accompanied the safety. Specially the base of the scaffolding is too unique to be designed for the railway track. Our scaffolders use to give the best effect for each and every work which is assigned to them.