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Advance design of a boom lift makes it a genie machine

The advance design of a boom lift makes it a genie machine, able to deal with all manner of terrain, projects and materials on your site. Its support and lifting mechanisms make it a reliable and safe option that ensures you’ll get the job done.

Reliability for all indoor and outdoor areas:

The compact transportation size of a boom lift makes it extremely reliable in both tight and open spaces. They also come in both electric and diesel form, allowing you to choose the right option for your suitable noise levels and the distance you’ll need it to cover.

Straight forward to use:

Boom lifts are the hire option of choice for those hard to reach places and with a reach of up to 54 metres they can make daunting task seem much more manageable. They also come with minimal speed manufacturer restrictions, making them easy to maneuver and a great all-round aerial tool.

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