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Genie Scissor Lift Working In Rough Area

In Rough Place Operating your boom lift or scissor lift on a slope can be extremely dangerous. If possible avoid elevating on slopes – the risk of a tip over increases as you elevate the platform. In fact, we typically recommend you only use your aerial lift on a firm, level surface.

Sensor Alarm Perfectness

Many aerial lifts have slope sensors. If the lift is operated on an angle exceeding the maximum slope, visual and/or audible alarms will alert the operator. When these alarms are triggered, the lift must be lowered and re-positioned on a surface that is within the safe working angle allowed by the manufacturer.

Genie Scissor Lift Bi-Energy Power

Man lifts with outriggers will function slightly differently on inclines. The outriggers allow the machine to be leveled on uneven ground. For level to be assessed, the lift should be fitted with either a circular spirit level or front-to-rear and side-to-side spirit levels. If there is insufficient travel on the outriggers to allow the machine to be leveled then suitable packing (shoring or cribbing) material may be used, with approval from the manufacturer, to level the lift.

Genie Safety Minute Slopes Infographic Preview

In some cases, your boom or scissor lift may be rated to work on an incline. The maximum slope on which your lift can be operated or elevated is specific to each machine. The safe working angle will be specified on the manufacturer’s identification plate fitted to the lift or marked by a decal in the platform. You’ll also find the maximum slope or safe working angle in the operators manual.

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