Pipe Threading Machine

Pipe Threading Machine

Pipe Threading Machine

  • Less than 100 sec to make a perfect 4" pipe taper thread. Less than 20 sec for a 1" pipe taper thread.
  • Uni-auto die head for ½ - 2 " pipe. Dies are compatible with NP50A/NP80A manual die heads and Uni-auto die heads.
  • Profiling die head for 2½ - 4" pipe. REX original profiling system enables precise, straight tapers, with 20 mm dies performing at higher speed and requiring less power consumption.
  • This pipe threading machine Quick, adjustable cutter.
  • Pipe threading machine have Quiet, maintenance-free condenser motor.
  • This pipe threading machine Built-in tool box is convenient for on-site work.
  • The pipe threading machine have large-capacity scrap catcher.
  • Threading size, thread length, and microfine adjustment of thread diameter can all be adjusted easily.
  • Compact and lightweight for its class (123kg), it can be set up by just two people.
  • NV-auto and Manual die heads can be mounted as options.

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Pipe Grooving Machine India

Self-centring Head
The head adjusts up to an amazing 8º to ensure a perfectly centred groove every time. The carrying handles also serve as guides to make setting pipes easier.

Indicator Lamp
The indicator lamp automatically lights up when grooving is complete so that even a beginner can be sure of achieving the correct groove depth.

Automatic Pump
The electric powered pump was developed specifically for this machine to make accurate grooving easier.

Roll grooving is different to cut grooving. Roll grooving is a process by which the pipe is deformed under pressure, which maintains its strength. Numerous reports indicate that roll grooving prevented damage to pipelines during the 1995 kobe Earthquake, Japan.

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High- Pressure Cleaners

Specail features

  • Higt-pressure hose or gun easily attach to the main unit with one-touch coupler.
  • FA Nozzle for adjustment of water spray fitted as standard.
  • Well balanced and easy to carry - wrighs a mere 18 kg (JB911G)
  • With an output flow pressure of 16 MPa (160 kgf/???) it's the lightest in its class - 30 kg (JA160G).

WASHKING RZ1 100 V 5.8 L/min
Use : For cleaning around the home - drains, tanks, cesspits, outside walls, shutters, bathrooms, spas, pools and cars. Removes oil and grease spots from cars, motorbikes, trucks etc.

Lightest in its class
The electric powered pump was developed specifically for this machine to make accurate grooving easier.

100 V 1300 W Series Motor

Dimensions (mm)
L230 xW220 x H480

Standard Accessories
In-take Hose 3 m, High pressure hose 8 m, Gun set


440057 Snakehead Cleaning Kit (10 m)

440058 Snakehead Cleaning Kit (15 m)

440059 Snakehead Cleaning Kit (20 m)

440060 Extended high pressure hose (10 m)

Diamond Core Cutting Machine

Diamond core drill series, SPARKEL - packed full of advanced features!

RC90 Compact yet high powered.
Large bearings are used on the main axle, improving hardness, enhancing core-shift precision, and lengthening the life of the bit.

RC130 An all-purpose machine that answers all your needs.
Operability and high speed puts it in a class by itself, plus low noise operation.

RC180 Two-stage transmission produces high torque and speed.
Employs a two-stage transmission, giving it high torque for rapid drilling of small to large diameter holes.
Employs the largest thin, single-piece bit diameter-180 mm.

RC6B The ultimate in perfection of the thick 3-part unit.
Employs a two-stage transmission, giving it high torque for rapid drilling of small to large diameter holes.
The screw for attaching the bit allows use of thick 3-part bits available from 3rd-party manufacturers.
Attachable to either the thick 3-part unit or the thin single unit.

Drilling holes for piping work for air-conditioning, tap water, gas, electricity, communications, etc.
Drilling holes in general concrete structures, roads, dams, tunnels, bridges, civil engineering works, etc. and for extracting test pieces.
Drilling holes for branch/fork work on Hume concrete pipe and ceramic pipe used in sewer systems.