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Spider Lift 12 Meter Working Height

Battery Operation

A spider lift is a self-propelled boom-type mobile elevating work platform that is designed to be lightweight and as compact as possible, and uses 4 stabilizer legs to achieve stability and balance.

Sopider Lift Model R130 Tracked platforms
Max. working height 12,20 m
Turret rotation 320° N.C.
Max load capacity 200 kg
Platform Capacity 227kg
Total Weight 1700 Kg
Gradeability 30%
Electric motor 2,2 kw-230V-50Hz
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All models are equipped with a hydraulic drive with rubber tracks allowing them to easily work on uneven surfaces; despite the low centre of gravity for the most demanding client extending tracks are also available. Furthermore, all rubber tracks can be supplied in a non marking version for more delicate flooring or internal work.

Almost all models can be equipped with a radio control allowing a different use of the platform; the highly proportional movements and the speed that can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs make it a strong point.

The electric motor supplied as standard, the eco-friendly combustion engines (both petrol and diesel), the biodegradable oil and the batteries, make these platforms perfect also for working where air and noise pollution must be kept to a minimum.

  • Works in tight spaces with variable configuration and automatic leveling.
  • The Cage dimensions is 1,1 x 0,7 m
  • The max. working outreach 6,50 m.
  • The spider lift have Honda 9,6 kw petrol engine

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