Installation of 5300:-

  • Layout your base frames or castor wheels of Aluminium Movable Scaffolding and ensuring the area is clear of any hazards or unnecessary objects. Once this is done, insert the castor wheels in to ends of the base frames and ensure that the wing nuts have been lowered to the lowest point.
  • Once this is done, attach two horizontal bracing to the bottom most rung of the frames to create a base for the tower. Connect two of your diagonal bracings in opposite directions on the bottom most rung of one side and connect the other side to the third rung from the bottom, on the adjacent frame.
  • Attach plan bracing from one leg of the frame to the opposite leg. Some towers do not require plan bracing , therefore this step may not be required in that case.
  • From your existing diagonal bracing, add additional bracing whilst continuing interchanging to increase stability. This will allow the frame to become self-supporting.
  • Install a temporary platform into your tower safely so that you can safely install any additional end frames, to allow extra height on your tower. Once this is done, install the platform in the correct position.
  • Once the platform is in place, install your stabilisers and lock them into place. From there, install horizontal bracing as hand railing for the above platform so that you can work safely and securely.
  • Remove the temporary platform and add a ladder through the ladder hatch to allow you access to the new working platform. Place the temporary platform in an area that you can access so you can install it with your working platform.
  • Once you have access to the working platform, along with hand railing and safety measures installed, access your temporary platform and install it with your working platform.
  • Continue previous steps if required, should this be a tall tower.
  • Install the guard rails on top of the tower, along with horizontal bracing to create hand railing of the aluminium scaffolding tower.
  • Install the toe boards to all working platforms and lock in ladders to ensure no movement happens.
  • Lastly, inspect the Aluminium scaffolding tower to ensure all bracing and platforms are securely attached to the scaffold.
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